Finally, my 5 years old conquered her fear of going into the water. Of course, if you can't put your head in you can't learn to swim, can you? Well, to avoid my daughter to be a non-swimmer like me, I have to force/bribe her into the water. and she did it!

Mummy is very pleased.......


Leah's photobook...

When Naomi was 1 year old, I took her to De One studio to take her baby album. I made an appointment with them again when Leah turned 1 but their service was terrible. I went there on time and the photographer was late for 30 mins, no apology and no one was even there to inform me anything, so I walked out. When their customer service called, it was even worse, she said "oh you should wait another minute as our photographer arrived right after you left. " and still, no apology. Ban them forever. and YES, I am going to bad mouth them whenever i have the chance to.

So, Leah's baby album dragged till now, at 22months old already. So I decided to give photobook a try with those photo taken by my lousy skill. Turn out I like it a lot, I love it! Cheaper, more photo and the meaning behind the book would be better! Will do another book for Leah when she turns 2 and Naomi when she turns 5.

So, I really need to brush up my photography skill, fully utilized the money that has invested on the lens and flash but heck I know nut about them.



Kids and idol

Naomi is 4+, and she likes Justin Bieber, and of course, she likes taylor swift, Selina Gomez etc... I think it is ok for her to like them but not crazy about them. Some of you might tell me it's too early, but it's just like we adult like Jacky Cheung(ok lar, a bit old but he is coming for concert end of the year mah...), we like westlife, beyonce, we like Akon etc, we don't find ourselves to have any problem with it.

I always taught her to remember Jesus comes first, then family, then other things that she likes. She is a bit more mature probably because I do not pamper her too much. She needs to share housework because she is part of the family and she won't get any reward from there; she sleeps on her own; she likes to keep up with her older cousin whom she think she's cool; and all in all she is just a natural adult. She is sharp, she is observant and she is very detail when it comes to things around her ( not academic learning though). She sees things that i always missed, she could just catch my hint and my tone from the way I talk. She is loving, she is kind, she always give in to her sister that sometimes I feel bad and heartache to see her "sacrifices".

So since she is still doing great and behaving well, I don't see her liking idols would be that big a deal. Parents guidance is important too! She totally understand that those singers are for us to like, not to love, she even told me this "mummy, they are not our family. so we like them, we don't have to love them. " :)

DO it!

Saw them on one of the blog, and on pinterest. How true....

THEY are talking to ME!


some updates....

Oh the lazy spirit creep up on me again...

Well, i have been partly lazy, partly free in front of the pc doing something else except blogging.

Oh I fell in love with Pinterest, so many things to see, to learn and they are beautiful stuff. let me know if you want an invitation email.

Leah grew up well, from a food reject-er to now a tong sampah. She basically eat most of the food we eat and she eats on her own at 21m. But she absolutely hate toufu. Other than changing in her eating habits, she learns to speak a lot, and sing some nursery rhymes, missed out a few words but still pretty clear. Still a very shy girl.

Naomi is able to pick up a few words on her own when reading. She tries very hard, I know. I love her when she tries even though she still can't read much. Her effort is worth my praise. At some point I was seriously suspecting Dyslexia but she is only 4+, I don't wanna put too much pressure on her, yet(:P).

Both the girls are enjoying their sisterhood. Naomi is an amazing big sister. They do fight over things but Naomi is always the one that give in to Leah. Naomi cares for her sister a lot, and very protective. I took them to some play-land and Naomi would take care of her sister most of the time rather than just having fun with her friends. She does make me a proud mama!


my blog is always about the kids. My life is basically just revolving around my 2 princesses and nothing much left to talk about... sad huh?

And so, Naomi is settling very very well at her kindy. I wasn't very pleased with the teacher's attitude sometimes but she refused to change class or even school, so I just let her stay on, as long as she is comfortable about it.

At 4 years and 3 months old, Naomi finally sleeping on her own bed in her own room. Well, I have gotten back half of my bed and it is very very very good I tell you. I was sandwiched between this 2 gals for more than 15 months and I could hardly sleep at night! For the first week, I was checking her out N times in and out the bedroom, it was the mother who is feeling the lost. However, Bravo , my girl. Secretly wish that my little one can move to her own bed real sooooooon.

As of Leah, she is 17+ months now. Weighing 8KG and height at 76CM . A pretty petite size to our family as none of us is small.....

refuses to eat a proper meal.
chooses her own clothes and shoes.
loves shopping.
loves peanuts.
very much in love with Mickey Mouse.
starts talking, responds with words when asked.
hates being potty trained.
hates going to bed at night, gotta wait till she is super tired.
laughs very loud whenever Jie Jie comes back from school.
is very hard head.


Leah and her collection...

Leah only love Mickey Mouse. Not Minnie Mouse, not Daisy, but only Mickey.

We are slowly increasing her Mouse Collection.....


Leah @ 15 months...

Leah finally start talking last 2 weeks, and suddenly lots of words came out from her everyday. First she got dad, pohpoh , gong(gong gong), jiie (jie jie) and finally mummy, and the mummy is so clear! Before that, it was only Bye that she knows.

Just few days ago she starts saying buyao(don't want), meiyou(don't have), nen nen(milk),na(take), gei(give) etc. She surprised me with all the single words she learned everyday. This morning she saw the picture of dog and said "Dog, woo woo(woof woof)" Cute!

She is one very mischievous little darling. She refuses to sleep early nowadays, even she is tired and keep rubbing her eyes. She refuses to eat her baby porridge instead she wants our adult food. She will pick her shoes and make sure you out on for her, then she will walk to the door and "bye" to everyone.

Being a stay at home mum is so rewarding, really, better than the year end bonus! I get to see every single bit of my kids' growing up, this is something I didn't know I want so much before I have them.


OOh, i have abandoned my blog for months! Geesh, that's when u have another kid to watch, and also i blame it on facebook too! hehehe

Naomi has started going to kindy, and she loves it! I thought I could have a peaceful time with the little one for that few hours but actually no. It's even busier! Rush out in the morning with a not-enough-sleep baby and come home with houseworks waiting, no fun! I barely sit down and rest then have to rush out and pick the kiddo. Didn't expect that! bahhhh

Leah starts talking, she calls everyone is the family especially mummy clearly. She is never an easy baby since birth and now it seems worse than before after we move back from China. Sigh...

So my new year resolution will be as usual, lose weight. and i guess it will never happened to a lazy bum like me. So i should have another one instead, spend less! Naomi's extra curricular activities fees are really freaking me out! Gosh! I must spend less or we will eat grass lor...

Naomi's pre-birthday celebration

Back back back dated post.

Naomi had been begging me for a birthday party, and she chose Kizsport & Gym in 1 Utama. After a few nights of deep thought and discussion, we decided to throw her a party way before her real birthday, at the place she'd chosen. And I invited my breastfeeding group mothers and kids.
She was the happiest one that day! Mummy and daddy on the other hand are much broke after that lar... sigh... no more next time. muahahahaha
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