Happy day out....

This is Naomi's happiest day I guess.....

All dressed up, ready to go...

Fun time in the park in Vivo City, the largest shopping mall in Singapore! Poor gong-gong had to carry her up and down....

And then we went to "Dian Xiao Er" chinese restaurant for lunch. Pretty good food they served.

It was really really fun for Naomi and Trinity to be in the sky pool on the roof top in Vivo City. It was so hot, my goodness, but both the kids were really enjoying their water fun! Naomi didn't want to get up! I think I got more freckles after that afternoon.....

Ice cream and lollipop for tea break, wasn't it heaven???

It was a wonderful day. :)

Moody sky....

It is raining everyday in Singapore. I can't take Naomi out to the park, the pool, the zoo and it's hard for me to take her out shopping too as the taxi queue is always soooo long. And, no barbeque at the pool side too.

Naomi was a bit over excited when we have to cancel the barbeque at the pool side and all gather around inside the house. The tiny condo with about 20 people inside, Naomi was just so happy. So happy that she refused to go to bed. So happy that she over tired herself. So happy that she didn't sleep till 1am. So happy that mummy has to take her out on a car ride at 12:30 in the morning in order to get her to sleep. So happy that she woke up again at 5am to watch Sesame Street. So happy that she fell asleep again at 5:30am. So happy that she woke up at 9am and pretend nothing ever happened last night.

The weather, so miserable.... me too.

Naomi's Album

Here, took back Naomi's album from the studio. :)

In Singapore, again....

I am here, in Singapore again, with Naomi of course. Hence, no time to blog so much as the maid didn't come along, I will have to be with Naomi almost all the time. Anyway, I still enjoy it very much! :)

This time round, Naomi was still a very good girl in the air craft. We board the plane and we read some books and she fell asleep before take off and woke up after the aircraft landed and came to a complete stop! The passengers behind me stood up and saw me carrying a baby and they said she is such a good girl that they didn't even notice there's a baby on board. Yeah, proud mummy, tell me about it.

I guess I could really take her to somewhere further..... Think think only, k?
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