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I got this tag by the cutie Misha, 2nd tag, and I have to scratch my head so hard to think of one thing that I really like and to talk about it. I love food so much, how to name only one of them?

Hmmm... let's see... I like... Satay, the local version of western kebab. It may have originated from Indonesia but it is very popular in Malaysia too! It is chunks of marinated meat of chicken or beef on a bamboo stick as skewer. The meats are marinated with tumeric, salt, sugar,shallot,garlic,cumin seed, corriander seeds and other spices, then treadle a few chunk of meats onto the bamboo skewer and grill on a hot charcoal bbq grill. It is also served with rice cube called ketupat, onion, and cucumber, ahhh, and the very delicious peanut sauce.

Yum-yum... I am on diet and now I am having all kind of delicious foods running all over my mind.... Argh... And I have to look for the picture of Satay on google... Arghh.... So cruel...

Here comes the most difficult part, definitely a lot of people have done this.

1)angeleyes the rambling moo

2)wai leng

**Start Copy**
Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?
Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia

JustMyThoughts loves Penang Char Koay Teow

My Lil Venture loves Laksa Sarawak

Montessorimum loves Teluk Intan Chee Cheong Fun

Chinnee loves Melaka Wan Tan Mee

Leah loves Hakka Lei Cha

Hui Sia loves Crispy Duck Skin from China

Karen loves Pan Mee

Simple American loves Cheese Enchiladas

Giddy Tiger loves Dim Sum

Rinnah loves Ipoh Chicken Rice

Misha loves timsum in hong kong

**End Copy**


Naomi is 6th months plus...

I've forgotten to jot down about Naomi turned 6 month while I was in Bangkok, now she is 6th months and 2 weeks...

And I finally started her solid for about a week plus now.... no good, I am a hopeless mum. I couldn't get my girl to swallow... 1st day I started her with rice cereal with expressed breast milk, made it watery, she swallow 2 spoons, then spitted out. Then until the 3rd day she shut her mouth tight and pushed away the spoon... Until today, she started crying once I put her in the high chair, I think I've frightened her a bit... I've tried rice cereal, baby food in the jar, mashed banana, apple juice, farly rusk biscuit.... all out... Sigh, waiting for mum to come over to teach me how to cook porridge for my little one and probably do a demo for me to see "how to feed a baby correctly"...

I am just hopeless....

Today I realised that she can sit on her own without any assistant. I was a bit worried that I almost tempted to buy the Bumbo Seat for her to learn to sit. Phew, luckily I didn't do anything silly yet. She could sit down on her own for about 15 minutes, then she will start to scream for attention so someone would pick her up, I think she must be tired to sit on her own for so long...


Papa Sze's movie session in Thailand....

Papa Sze is not coming home this weekend, so he called and said he is going to watch "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" in one of the cinema nearby his hotel. Since I can hardly go to watch movie nowadays with Naomi so clingy to me, I will have to let him go watch it alone...

After few hours, he called again and told me his experience in Cinema. Here goes, he bought the ticket and went in to the cinema, found his seat, happily he sat down waiting for the show to start lar. As usual, movie previews, advertisements..... and all of a sudden, everyone just stood up! Papa Sze got all shocked and thought if it's the fire alarm or something, he prepared to run.... then other audiences started to sing in Thai; he looked at the screen and realised that there's the photo of the Thai King... so he guessed everyone should be singing "I love Thai King" or something like that... He quickly stood up and opened his mouth to pretend singing as well (God knows why did he wanna do that). Finally, the movie started... and the movie ended.

A boring show he said, but what an experience....


Arhh... yesterday I took Naomi to the swimming pool for the first time... And... she hates it! I couldn't understand why? She started crying once I put her into the pool. I've taken it slowly, I let her sat by the pool and then slowly took her into the pool but still she cried!

Or too cold maybe? Hmmm, I will try again today, I think she will slowly get use to it.... I hope.

Naomi in her swimsuit.....


My Naomi....

After coming back from Bangkok, Naomi is very clingy to me. She wants me to be with her all the time just like the time we spent in Bangkok.... but I am trying to make her get use to my maid, again.

And frankly, I quite miss the time we had in Thailand, just the 3 of us, very nice, with no distraction of TV program(half of it in Thai and the rest, not interesting) and internet access(didn't bring along my laptop). I realized that I was able to give full attention to Naomi! And I couldn't "push" her to the maid too. I played with her, told story(not that she understood, or maybe she did), sleep with her on the bed etc... Naomi was very happy to have mummy to be with her all the time I guess. She became so clingy to me now....

She will be kicking her legs and smiling with her arms wide open whenever she sees me.... Arrr... my daughter, I love her doing that so much.

I guess I won't mind doing this mothering job 24 /7 for the rest of my life!

Tag- The meaning of my precious' name...

Dear Misha, as promised, I am doing your first tag for me, K?

Ar, the meaning of my daughter's name.....

Naomi - It's a Hebrew name, pronounce as nay-OH-mee. It means beautiful, pleasant, delightful.
Ng - Color of Yellow.
Xuen - a type of soft grass
Rou - softness

I wish Naomi would turn out to be a pleasant and delightful girl, and of course, a very soft spoken girl. However, raising up under my own hands, how to be soft spoken when this mother talks like screaming and laugh with the mouth wide wide open all the time. Anyway, I still have hope right? So I just hope then....

So, now come the hard part, to tag 5 people, I am so sorry I where got 5 people to tag?????

1)Allthingspurple - now your helper is here, hek hek hek, do meme lar...
2)MOTT - you know the meaning of your kids name or not?
3)Becky's mum - senang tak?

Instructions :
**Start Copy**
Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?
Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode:
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
Msaufong - Meaning Of SQ & Kiki's name
Jesslyn - Wien & Lyon's name origin.
Hui Sia - Joshua's name origin.
Misha - The meaning of my name
VivianZ - The meaning of my precious' name


After the longest 2 weeks, Naomi and I are finally back to Malaysia! Yeahhhhh! I am very happy and I think Naomi is very happy too. Especially when she saw her "kakak"(the maid), she could still recognizes her. However, the sad part is, we can't be with Papa Sze as he still has to go back to Bangkok for another few more weeks. Naomi will surely misses her daddy very very much.

The journey back home was great, we got to enjoy skipping all the long queue at the immigration by going through the diplomat lane just because I am carrying Naomi. Ha, very nice feeling.... Naomi was very co-operative on the aircraft too, I am so proud of her! She only "ngek ngek" a bit during take off and she's ok after that. There's a lady comment that Naomi was so good that she didn't even notice there was a baby on board until she saw her.

It's good to be home, and I am looking forward for Papa Sze to come home in another 2 weeks time. Both Naomi and I, we really miss him a lot...

Durian Chips....

I don't eat durian. I cannot stand the smell, I practically hate it. However, my parents, my parents-in-law, and my dear husband, love durian so much. Still, they are not allowed to eat durian inside the house, I will feel nausea if I smell too much of Durian. I know, troublesome right? Now I am praying hard that Naomi won't love it, so there's another reason for not having durian at home.... muahahahaha...
Few days ago this Thai friend of Papa Sze, bought us 2 packets of durian chips. She said this is a very famous local junk food. When I knew it's made of durian, there came my prejudice upon this food. I was not willing at all to try it but My mum taught me to be a polite person, so I tried a bit and to my surprise it doesn't taste durian at all! And I have to say it is quite tasty, not too sweet and crispy. The Thai friend said that it's made of "baby durian", that's why it's not too sweet.
Ok now that I eat durian chips, that does not mean I eat durian, so Papa Sze, don't try your luck to bring durian home, alright? DON'T! Thanks for being such an understanding husband. Muak!

My very first yummy mummy's day...

Yeeeap. Papa Sze kept his promise, he brought me for shopping on mother's day. Seems like Thai people don't really celebrate Mother's day. There's not even 1 thing about mother's day at all... or maybe it's not the 2nd Sunday of May...

Papa Sze was so nice that he even took Naomi out for a walk and let me enjoyed a good, quiet massage in the hotel room... No wonder I married this man. He can be very sweet sometimes.

Naomi's best present on mother's day for me was, she slept really long that day, she woke up at 9am instead of 7am! And I got the extra sleep too... how sweet????

And we had really good buffet for dinner... Ok, I really have forgotten about the whole diet thing... Guess I need to pray even harder for the power and strength to resist good food....


Kai kai(shopping) day....

Weekend, yeahhhhh..... oh, before I start blabbing, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all lovely mummies out there. This is my first mummy's day. So far, no present, no carnation, no card, nothing like what I expected. Oh no, rephrase, I should have expected it, Papa Sze is not very into whatever days, even anniversaries also he wouldn't remember; but he is very good that if I demand for presents... he will give(erm, not that he has a choice, I got his supplementary card anyway... hehehe) Well, well, he promised to take me out later though, I'll keep my finger cross...

Yesterday we went out kai kai, with 2 of Papa Sze's thai friends. We went to the first mall called "Platinum" and trust me, nothing is platinum in there. It is very similar to the Fashion Mall in DongGuan, GuangZhou. All about fashion clothes, jeans, bags, shoes and lingerie. Cheap but too bad I am still at my post-natal shape. Didn't get anything for myself. Er, yeah, I bought alarm clock, I know, of all the things...

After that, we went to this very nice mall called "Siam Paragon", this mall is in between Starhill and Lot10 type. Pretty nice. But I only shopped for baby clothes and stuff. I found that their toys and stuff are much expensive compared to Malaysia. And real cars are much cheaper... The Mclaren Techno XT stroller is selling at 13,900Baht(about RM1400) while Malaysia is selling at RM999 only. Big difference. So I only got some clothes for Naomi.

And we had big dinner at one of the restaurant near to our hotel. It's reeeally good for the Tom-yum and garlic crab, too bad I was carrying Naomi and didn't get to take picture... And most important this is, CHEAP! We had crab, tomyum prawn, fried rice, steam groupa fish, stir fried vege, bottomless chrysanthenum tea..... total bill was only RM190. The portion are so generous that 4 of us couldn't finish everything. I though I should come here to Bangkok and stick to my diet plan, HAHA, in my dream....

Still Thai....

Everything... including the "new post" "dash board".... everything is in Thai... It's likt going on yahoo Thailand, then you'll understand what I mean. Gosh, I kept hitting on the wrong key, can anyone tell me how to change them into English???? I am very new-leh.

Finally, we went out of hotel today. Naomi and I are very happy. I am so sick of hotel food already. So we went to this mall which mostly visited by the local, Seacon Sqaure. It's quite big but nothing much to see... But they have got Tesco! So glad I finally get to buy some milk and yogurt. And hubby got a dozen of beer for the weekend and gosh, they are really cheap. 147Baht for 6 cans of Singha, which is about RM15. So cheap!!!!

Naomi is doing well, very well actually. She adjusted to the environment well and she normally sleeps at 8pm Malaysia time and now she sleeps at 8pm local time which is 9pm Malaysia. She is going to be 6th month tomorrow. This forgetful mummy forgot to bring over breastpump and I never manage the "cap tangan" way of expressing milk, so can't start her on solid. I insisted not giving her formula, neither should the rice cereal be mixed with formula. So I will wait till we go back to Malaysia then only to start her on solid.

Poor Naomi, just wait for another 2 weeks, yeah? :)



Everything is in Thai... including the blogger page! You wanna know why does my previous post looks like an unfinished post??? It is unfinished. It's not supposed to be "published" but to "saved as draft" but all the buttons are in Thai!!!! I can't remember which button to hit, I got the wrong one....

And the comments that I received... sorry guys, I hit the wrong button of "reject" as well I guess... Arghhhhhh geram-nye...

And it is really boringggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!

I will write more when I have the mood! :(

1st day in Bangkok....

Ok, I am finally here in Bangkok, with hubby and Naomi. One HAPPY family.

Our flight journey was surprisingly, not too hard. Naomi was sleeping 5 mins before departure at the boarding area and I was so happy thinking that it would be easy if she's sleeping.... Happily I board the aircraft with Naomi in baby carrier, waiting for the flight to depart. After 5 mins of taxi(aeroplane move slowly to the runway), the captained announced that they are having some technical problem because the aircraft ran out of runway and we all have to wait for the technician or engineer to settle the problem..., WHAT? And that's not important, the speaker was too loud that woke Naomi up! And she started crying, screaming, and then we were ready to fly now. Great! I have to, stuff a water bottle and finally soothed her down.

Thank god that the air craft was pretty empty and we got a whole row to occupied. Papa Sze and I took turn to have our lunch in the aircraft and hey, we actually got privilege to "eat first" :P.

Thank god, Naomi dozed off on my laps and she actually slept till the air craft landed and got out to the immigration. And thanks to Naomi, we didn't have to queue up on the "foreign passport" lanes, instead, we went through the Diplomat lane. Good to travel with a baby eh?

And finally, we reached the hotel.... oooh... it was a short journey but interesting for Naomi and us! At least, Naomi was a pretty good girl the whole journey!


I have been wanting to write new posts since 3 days ago. I kept staring at the "new post" page and brain was totally not functioning, at all. And then distraction from Naomi, or I started blog hopping and totally forgot about own blog...

And, I still don't know what to update, Naomi did nothing new, I bought more stuff, and yeah, I am going to Bangkok with Papa Sze and Naomi this coming Monday till don't know when, probably 2 weeks to 1 month. Vacation? No no no... Papa Sze will be there for work, I go there "keh poh"(busy body). I know I will miss home and my dear maid very much. Being there means I will be with Naomi 24hr; alone in the hotel room for at least 12hr because Papa Sze will be at work.... Gosh, I might come home earlier than expected.

I shouldn't have agreed to Papa Sze's phrase of "a happy family should be together..." Got conned by his sweet talk again, Sigh....

Great Grandma's Birthday....

We just came back from north, from my grandma, Naomi's great grandma's 80th birthday. It's pity that Papa Sze couldn't be able to join us because of work. Papa Sze's job is just too busy. I think we had only celebrated my birthday once in this 5 years.... So sad.

Anyway, Naomi was absolutely a darling on the birthday party. She wasn't fussy, wasn't in bad mood, and didn't even cry a bit. The best part was, she smiled at everyone who talked to her including strangers. My my, that was BIG, she never did that before. She is one good potential politician, huh?

Grandma looked really happy because we went all the way back to northern part to celebrate her birthday, my sis and family too came all the way from Singapore. I could tell she's really touched. What more could we do to make a 80 year-old happy? A phone call or a short visit to show care and love and remembrance of her, I guess that would really brighten up her days already!

We too get to see Magdelina in person for the first time and Gong gong(grandpa) got the chance to have all his 4 granddaughters together in a picture! :)

(from left to right) Naomi, Trinity, GongGong(grandpa), Magdelina and Angelina.

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