Naomi is 20+ months.....

I cannot believe how well my girl can speak. She can sing the whole song of "Do Re Mi" from "The sound of music", though some of the pronunciation isn't correct. She now talk in a whole sentence, e.g "Mummy, please let me go into the room to play with you.." while knocing at the room door outside.

She is very polite too, if someone given her things or the the waiter gotten her high chair, she will say "Thank you" without me prompting her.

She says "Excuse me" when she couldn't get pass her way. She share toys with her cousins and little friends when they come over to our place.
When I asked her to put back something she would want to buy in a shop, she won't make a scene. If she is holding something that she really like, she will ask me to "pay first".

And when we say grace or pray before sleep, she will close her eyes until we say "Amen", and she will say "Amen" together after we say "in the name of Jesus". It is so good to see how well she developes. Of course, she can be very difficult sometimes.

I thank God for this wonderful child of mine.



My lil princess is going to be 20 months soon.

She is a chatter box now, talk non stop, it's getting a bit annoying sometimes that I wish she could keep quite for a while... But she is still adorable most of the time.

During my grandma's funeral for 3 days, she's been very cooperative, not too much of noise, sleep well at night and has no problem with all the relatives... She knows that "ah tai"(great grandma) is with Jesus now....

Sometimes, I still miss my gandma, though we were not totally that close as I don't speak very good Hakka when she only knew hakka , but knowing that she's not around anymore, it's kind of sad...
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