Naomi's pre-birthday celebration

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Naomi had been begging me for a birthday party, and she chose Kizsport & Gym in 1 Utama. After a few nights of deep thought and discussion, we decided to throw her a party way before her real birthday, at the place she'd chosen. And I invited my breastfeeding group mothers and kids.
She was the happiest one that day! Mummy and daddy on the other hand are much broke after that lar... sigh... no more next time. muahahahaha

Leah @ 1 year old

Well, my little girl Leah turned 1 last month, but this busy(lazy) mama always miss to jod down her milestone.

on Oct 28, Leah finally stood up and walked. Now I am having trouble keeping her still, she is moving non stop, climbing up and down the sofa, stools, walking around the whole house, to the bathrooms, balcony, aiyor, so much work just to watch this little one. Hence I have no time to blog............ =_=

Leah still not talking much, unlike her sister, her sister already shown signs of little miss chatterbox at this age already. She does understand 90% of what we said to her. She always try to express her need by action. i.e. bringing us to washroom after she made no.1; pulling her stroller when she wishes to go out; taking us to kitchen when she needs food; pull up my shirt when she needs to be fed... etc.

She loves nursery rhymes, the song she love most is Old Mcdonald had a Farm and This Old Man. And the DVD she loves most is "wow! that's what I call Nursery Rhymes".

Got her an Ice cream cake from Papagallo. Coastal City ShenZhen.

It was almost 8pm, she was so tired as it had passed her normal sleeping time, 7.30pm. Hence we only got a cranky birthday girl lar.

Leah @ 11 months old...

from the previous post, it's more than a month... Having a 2nd kid in my life feels like having triplets. Both are so .... just so.... kids!

To be fair, I should jod down bits about Leah...

Leah was sick for the past 3 days, high fever, green stool, vomit... was worried sick about her, didn't sleep as she has been really cranky. She wasn't an easy baby, with fever and all, she was even more difficult to handle. Leah, read this in another 20 years time. I need to ROCK you in my arms to sleep every night!

@ 11 months old, Leah is pretty cheerful. Still very very very manja, especially to gong-gong. She is very close to my father, at some point I think he is her favorite person. I am just a milk bottle to her..... :(

She starts to fight with Naomi for things she wants, if she didn't win, cry out loud. Very loud.

She kiss good bye properly now. She can say Kai-kai so clear, and Bye bye very clear, the rest, still babbling. Got to guess a few sometimes...

She is 7.8kg and 74cm. 2 kg lighter compare to Naomi at the same age.

accepting more solid food but very fussy eater, got this from mummy I guess.

Time flies, she is turning one in few weeks time. I still remember the day I went into hospital, imaging her look.... and now, she is 11 months old... Love you baby!

Leah @ 10 months old....

Leah was 10 months old few days ago. And this forgetful mama keep forgetting to update bits about her development. So this is the difference between 1st baby and 2nd. Not that I love Leah lesser, I love her to the max but it's just the time management isn't that well anymore. I could sleep as early as 8.30pm nowadays when I used to sleep around 2am! Those were once upon a time......

Leah is as cheeky as her sister was but obviously more brave one. Naomi used to be scared of weird sounds like washing machine, vacuum cleaner (now still the same), but Leah would not be afraid of any of these. She even tried to touch the vacuum cleaner while I was operating it.

Leah could mumble a few words like mum-mum(eat), Buh-buh(bye bye with hands waving), boh(ball), kah-kah (Kai kai, going out).... not too clear yet but at least she is trying.

She walks well with push walker, and a circular walker that I got her. It goes round and round so I don't have to chase behind her back. hahahahaha And she walks really well, turning round and round.

When she wants to be breastfed, she will crawl to the bed, lay down there and starting "ah-ah ing" for me.

Leah is now weight at 7.9kg (didn't gain weight), height at 70cm. She is always smaller compare to same age babies in china, she is at 10 months and normally smaller than a 8 months old china babies. hmmm....

Little Miss Vain

My soon to be 4-year-old girl is very into putting on color on herself. :D

Got this lip gloss palette for her from Sephora. The lip gloss quality seems fine and the design is absolutely cute for girls! She loves it so so much. :) mummy gets to share too! hehe

little miss messy....

Leah has discovered her new "playground". She would come here at least once a day, mess it up and then sayonara. sigh...

And look, she is trying to reach a bottle of Gerber puff which is not quite her height. Did you notice her pointy toe trying to reach as high as possible....

And did she succeed? Yes she did, and then ran away lor....

Naomi's pretend play...

Naomi loves role playing games and pretend play.

Yesterday, she was "cooking" at her "kitchen" for quite long... She then took 2 empty plates towards me and said, "here you go, mum". Then i pretended to take it up and straight away "put" into my mouth. She started shouting ,"no mum, that's mine, this one is yours!!!!"

I quickly "spit" out and said," phew, luckily I didn't swallow yet..." She started crying," mum you ruined my cake! "

I went to her "kitchen", pretending to cook her another cake and then passed the plate to her and said, "here, i made u the same one."

Naomi took a look and said," no it's not the same, you didn't put cherry on top." Ok, i pretended to put cherry on top. "no mum, u need to put cream on then only the cherry will stay..... " I then pretended to squeezed the cream. and then she started again," oh mum it's not the yellow cream, it's the pink one!" I said "IT IS PINK!" she argued," it's not this pink, it's light pink!"

Arghhhh, my girl and her imagination!!!

Leah is 9 months old!

This cheeky little monster is 9 months old. She has learned so many things in 1 months.

She is able to drink from straw.
She eats more amount of solid food and drink lesser breastmilk compared to Naomi.
She babbles a lot, a lot...
She can recognized everyone of us when she was told to look for the person.
She waves bye bye when she reach the main door... (love love love going out)
She shakes her body when she hear her toy's music.
She is able to climb down from the bed on her own by coming down using her legs first.

However, her mood swing is terrible. She can be a cheerful little sunshine this minute and a crying monster the next. Worse than her mother. :P

Leah is 8 months old.

Leah @ 8 months old. Getting more cheeky, more demanding, and more adorable too. :)


to train or not to train...

Naomi has been sleeping on her own for sometimes. However, it's not out of her willingness, she understand that she is a big girl and she needs to show me that she is one. So she didn't really complain about not sleeping with me anymore... (Well, of course I need her to sleep on her own because Leah is sleeping on the other side and I wish to have half of my bed... )

Few days ago, Naomi came to me and asked, " mummy, do I have to sleep on my own forever?"

I said, "well yes darling, you are a big girl now..." then she said,"mummy, sometimes I wish that I could be a baby again, so I can sleep with you again.... " with that pitiful look, I really don't have the heart to tell her to go back to her bed, instead I said," ok, just for tonight, go grab your pillow..."

Looking at her happy face, grabbing her pillow, ran to my bed and fell asleep within seconds, I didn't feel wrong to ask her to sleep with me. I think they were only kid once, I don't think they will want to sleep with me anymore in another 10 years time even if I beg them to... hehehehe

So, do u think to kids need to be trained to be independence?

updates updates....

So, I have lots and lots to update.... feel so sorry for Leah, she has reached so many of her milestone and this lazy mama didn't even note down any.

Flip over : 3 months +
Sitting up unaided :5 months
Crawling on 4 : 6 months 3 weeks
Sit up from crawling : 7 months

First tooth : mummy has got no idea when did that happened, when I checked, I saw 2 lower teeth already there, super blur. Should be around 6 months 3 weeks+

As of today, I saw another front tooth on top is sprouting, no wonder she's been really difficult to handle these few days and diarrhea as well. But she is still very active.

She is getting more cheerful. However, still not very friendly to strangers, unlike Naomi. Naomi was a very easy going baby that would smile at ANYONE. Yes, almost anyone, black brown white yellow, she will just smile, easily gets people's heart. Leah is a total opposite, she would cry if stranger tries to get a bit closer.

Food, she accepts solid way much better than Naomi. She could finished about 20ml of puree each meal while her sister at this age, didn't accept solid at all.

She is very much attached to me. She will be jealous if she see Naomi sitting on my lap, will starts screaming as if she is scolding her sister and quickly crawl towards me.



My little fairy...

Naomi has a wonderful time in Melbourne and she knows her favorite show(nowadays) The Fairies, is from Australia. Well, being a 3+, she still believe in all these lar.

So, this mummy went all out to look for these Fairies' merchandise pulak. And I got her favorite character in Fairies, Harmony, the purple fairy. And this costume keeps her all day in front of the tv dancing with them. mummy can go online when little one is asleep. Muahahahaha



Leah and Naomi have no problem adapt to the new environment, and their biological clock just adjusted in 1 day. Me, until today still couldn't sleep at night and can't get up in the morning. Australia is 3 hour ahead of Malaysia. I was a night owl back in Malaysia, so... very teruk for me. We will be here for another 2 months, hopefully by the time we got back to Malaysia, these kids will adjust back. :)

Melbourne is a very nice place to stay, no doubt. However, if people like me, not earning Australian and spending here in Australia make me think 3 times because everything x 3. That make shopping a bit "no kick"... But then I had to get Naomi a new pair of shoes because she said her shoes made her feet sore. My biggest mistake was letting her choose her own shoes because she picked the light up shoes which cost me AUD80! Naomi is not a girl that would cry when I say no to what she wants. But she wanted it so much that she almost want to cry when I asked her to pick others. So I gave in. Soft hearted mummy....


Leah is 5 months old!!

Leah is 5 months old today!

First time on aeroplane!

Leah experienced her first flight when she was 4.5 months to Melbourne, Australia. Having 2 kids with me, I decided to go for MAS, direct to destination. I do not want to transit anywhere with so many things on my hands!

Leah was pretty cooperative through the 8 hours flight. Didn't cry a bit surprisingly. Probably because of the low pressure in the cabin, she slept pretty long in the bassinet. Thank God for that. I was really nervous the night before thinking how Leah would behave badly in the aircraft. So seems like she is another "angel outside, devil at home" daughter of mine. Naomi really enjoy flying with MAS, with her own tv and unlimited juice, she actually pressed the bell and asked for juice herself... pengsan.

If MAS does fly to ShenZhen, I guess I would opt for it too. The service is so much better than AA.

Leah is 4 months old...

Time flies, she is 4 months old.

Weight about 5.8kg, and 61cm in length.

She is a super glue to mummy, short sleeper, easy awakened, super duper attention seeker.

She doesn't like to be put down alone on anything, be it bed, swing, bouncer, bumbo seat, exersaucer, etc, nothing. Nothing could hold her more than 10mins. :(

However, when she laughs, it just chase away all the tiredness in me. And she only laugh when she sees me. :)

Leah flipped!

Leah flipped over by herself on 6/2/2010, she was 3 months and 3 weeks old.

I put her on the bed after feeding. I wasn't prepare for her to turn over so soon as it happened on Naomi only when she was 5 months old! Leah was trying and trying and trying, this cruel mama was sitting beside laughing at the tiny cutie, then suddenly "whoops" she turned over and lifted her head up high and look at me, smiling... My heart almost melted with that winning smile. :)

after 2 days of practices, she is very fast now. Once I put her down on her back, she will try to turn over. However, she can't manage to flip over from tummy to back, so every time she's on her tummy long enough, she will start calling out loud for help..... and it actually become more work to do when she could just lay on the cot and looking at the mobile.... T_T


Belated Xmas gift...

Well, naomi told Santa her 3 wishes last Christmas, and only one granted because the other 2 were late.....

She specifically asked for a pink teddy bear, a dora kitchen set, and a dora dresser. So this mummy actually went all out to get these for her. However, the dora sets could only be found in US, so I got my friend to send them over for me (thanks dear! ) kind of last minute. The shipment was delayed due to the busy month and it finally arrived today.

Naomi got her pink teddy bear on Xmas day but she was quite disappointed about the sets. So I made up a story saying that Santa accidentally broke the Dora sets and has to send them back for the elves to repair. She believed everything mama said ok? hehhehe She has never forgotten about the sets, always asking me when would Santa send them to her...

So when she opened up the the Dora Kitchen, she was so happy and was playing with it the whole afternoon! Of course mummy is the happiest person to see her girl being so delighted. :) and for the dresser, open tomorrow... hehehe


Leah's laugh...

Her laugh really made my day!

The first person that made Naomi laugh wasn't me. It was my hubby. Now, I was the first person to make Leah laugh out loud, SO SO CUTE!

It's a waste I didn't have my video camera beside me to record this wonderful moment.

Leah's hair is always something that people will spot first! Her punk hair style. Her hair starts coming down a little, not so "spiky" anymore. And now I need to give her a good hair cut for Chinese New Year, her hair dropped down and seems to be a bit too long.

And she looks very girly now, with her smile. :)

She is 5.55kg and 62cm as of today. :)

Me and my buggies....

Yes, I am thinking about more strollers.

These few days going out with 2 kids myself is getting tougher as Naomi demands to sit on stroller. I have only 2 hands, pushing a pram with Leah in it, how to push another one??? And having 2 strollers in my trunk is really space consuming. So, here I am, looking for something light and easy...

At first I was thinking about a buggy board, to be attached on the travel system that I am using right now, so Naomi could just hop on whenever she feels tired of walking. When I went to the shop to try out the installation, I just realised it cannot be fixed on Peg perego Aria OH. And when I come to think of it, this idea is still not good enough if we need to go for long hour outing. So I decided to look for double stroller and the front-back type.

First thing that come to my mine is this, Phil & Ted Vibe with double kit. This thing is light, only 22 pounds. which is almost the same as my Mclaren Techno XT. And best of all, the double kit can be folded together!! how wonderful. However, it's really expensive and the wheels are air pumped, every few days you will have to check if you have a flat-wheeled stroller. If the wheels punctured, sorry lor, you can't find any replacement in Malaysia. But the look is really yummy.....

After reading lots of negative comments on P&T, I hesitate.... and went on to check on others. I found one Sit and Stand double stroller which is called Joovy Caboose Ultra Light. It has to be the perfect stroller for a baby and a toddler. Toddler can either choose to sit on a small padded seat or stand. And the wonderful thing about it is, it can fit most of the major brand baby car seat! However, the look is a bit not-so-chic lar. Not available in Malaysia though....

And lastly, I found this on TaoBao China.... good idea? Not much of info and it is not that cheap though. It is about RM500++

Which one will you go for?

Leah is 3 months old...


Happy new year everyone....

It's only one additional baby, and my schedule is totally messed up because I cannot plan anything ahead. Breastfeeding, diaper changing, napping... argh!!! Leah's napping time is only 45 minutes max and awaken time is about 1 hr... so the routine goes on and on everyday.....

However, my lil baby is still a cutie pie. hehehehe. Leah is 2 months plus, weight about 5.2kg and about 56cm tall... she is much smaller compare to Naomi at this age. She smile a lot nowadays.

We were busy since before Xmas.... family all came back from everywhere and it was wonderful celebrating with love one. It is sad to send them off, Naomi was the most upset one... poor thing.

Instead of blog diarrhea, I will have photo diarrhea, easier lar.

xmas 2009 @KLCC


Leah at 2 months old...


She just love to smile... :)
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