Happy day out....

This is Naomi's happiest day I guess.....

All dressed up, ready to go...

Fun time in the park in Vivo City, the largest shopping mall in Singapore! Poor gong-gong had to carry her up and down....

And then we went to "Dian Xiao Er" chinese restaurant for lunch. Pretty good food they served.

It was really really fun for Naomi and Trinity to be in the sky pool on the roof top in Vivo City. It was so hot, my goodness, but both the kids were really enjoying their water fun! Naomi didn't want to get up! I think I got more freckles after that afternoon.....

Ice cream and lollipop for tea break, wasn't it heaven???

It was a wonderful day. :)

Moody sky....

It is raining everyday in Singapore. I can't take Naomi out to the park, the pool, the zoo and it's hard for me to take her out shopping too as the taxi queue is always soooo long. And, no barbeque at the pool side too.

Naomi was a bit over excited when we have to cancel the barbeque at the pool side and all gather around inside the house. The tiny condo with about 20 people inside, Naomi was just so happy. So happy that she refused to go to bed. So happy that she over tired herself. So happy that she didn't sleep till 1am. So happy that mummy has to take her out on a car ride at 12:30 in the morning in order to get her to sleep. So happy that she woke up again at 5am to watch Sesame Street. So happy that she fell asleep again at 5:30am. So happy that she woke up at 9am and pretend nothing ever happened last night.

The weather, so miserable.... me too.

Naomi's Album

Here, took back Naomi's album from the studio. :)

In Singapore, again....

I am here, in Singapore again, with Naomi of course. Hence, no time to blog so much as the maid didn't come along, I will have to be with Naomi almost all the time. Anyway, I still enjoy it very much! :)

This time round, Naomi was still a very good girl in the air craft. We board the plane and we read some books and she fell asleep before take off and woke up after the aircraft landed and came to a complete stop! The passengers behind me stood up and saw me carrying a baby and they said she is such a good girl that they didn't even notice there's a baby on board. Yeah, proud mummy, tell me about it.

I guess I could really take her to somewhere further..... Think think only, k?

Tag - Tag of five....

I've got this tag from the lovely Misha. :)

5 things found in my BAG
book/toy to entertain Naomi
Wet Tissue

5 things found in my WALLET
Credit cards
Membership cards
ATM cards

5 Things found in my ROOM
Table lamp
Remote control TV & Astro
Lot of pillows

5 things I always wanted to DO
Bungee Jump (not that I dare to)
Shop like there's no tomorrow
Have a toy room for me Naomi
To have vacation to different country every month
To sleep really really long hour.....

5 things I am currently INTO
Naomi's cloth diapers
Blog hopping
Massage (someone do it for me-lar)

5 kind and nice people to tag....


Christmas, Yeah!....

I always love Christmas. It is my favorite day of the year since very very little, since I know about Christmas, since I know about presents....

See, this is my Christmas tree, got it done when Naomi was taken care by in law. It was fast, did it all by myself, so proud.... hek hek hek :D ....

Those presents are not empty boxes, k? They are presents for Naomi, Trinity, Angelina and Magdelina. I'm still waiting for Papa Sze to put mine under the tree there..... Hello Papa Sze, are you reading this?

Naomi's Shoes....

This shopaholic mum has got her daughter tooooooo many shoes. There are another 3 pairs sitting in the drawer because they are still too big for Naomi. I can't help it, they are so cute.

Oooh, I guess I really have to stop buying shoes for Naomi.... I do hope Papa Sze won't read this post, don't know how would he react. Like mother like daughter?



Here comes the season for the adults to be broke. CHRISTMAS! So, I went to Toy'R'us for shopping today since they are having good deals and rebate vouchers. Great saving.

While I was picking up presents, there was a mother and a 3-4 years old son beside me. Can't help overhearing their conversation, both in broken English....

Son: mummy, I want buy two of tis toi.....
Mother: Cannot lar, onli one onli, you tink I make money ar?
Son: I want twoooo lar...
Mother: You don know listen is it? I say onli one ar, if you behave like tis somemore, I let the Indian take u away ar, I tell you. Evelitime like tis, next time don't want take you out anymore. Evelitime also make me angly.....

While the mum was scolding the kid, so happened there was an Indian couple beside, and they were looking at her. I could tell the Indian couple wasn't happy at what she said. She stood up and saw them, acted nonchalant and walked away.

What kind of teaching is that? Racism? Crazy woman. If so happened You(the woman) is reading this blog here, please, you should be ashame of yourself!

My angel.....

I took Naomi for a studio photo shoot yesterday. They have very cute costumes!

Naomi was quite cooperative! Surprisingly... :)

Here's a picture of her that I took with my mobile phone. She does look angelic, doesn't she? But the truth is she could be really evil sometimes! :P

Naomi is 1 year old......

Yeah!!!!! Naomi is 1 year old today.

On such a memorable day, we went to eat Sushi King, and let her had a whole cup of Chawanmushi(steam egg), and then let her had a little bit of chocolate cake. She must be very surprised! :P

Naomi got lots of presents from daddy, mummy, uncles and aunt. I got her a very nice 3D pooh bear cake which you too can order through here. She was so nice to squeezed my last minute order. Really appreciate that.

She is not extremely happy today though. Anyway, Happy Birthday my precious!


Mummy's new toy...

Here, my wedding annivessary present from Papa Sze, a MacBook! How wonderful that I can be online anywhere in the house finally, it does make my blogging life much easier!

Tag - 8 things...

Time to do tag lar.... got this from BzBee.....

-Good Food
-More Shopping

-to see Naomi gets married
-Travel all around Italy
-finish Naomi's scrapbook
-to finish the 3D puzzle that was left there before Naomi cam out
-Sigh.... Make sure my parents are well taken care of
-number 7....?
-8th.... no more....

-Wait lar
-No no, Naomi
-I will do it later...
-Honey, pleeeaaaasse....
-I love you
-Ya right!

Books? I dont even have time for newspaper!

-Jesus loves me
-dream a little dream of me
-wonderful tonight
-call me irresponsible
-Don't know why - norah jones
-La vie en rose
-come home

-a great listener
-can b*tch together
-share gossips
-secret keeper

-to be a mother (still learning)
-to eat very very fast before naomi starts screaming
-to bath very very fast before naomi wakes up to look for mummy
-to sleep early with Naomi to catch more sleep
-to be more patient
-to save more money
-to eat more healthy
-to be more positive

Seriously, 8 things is hard enough, to tag 8 people..????

-Misha's mum

First time in zoo....

We brought Naomi to zoo for the first time in her life, Singapore Zoo! I've taught her quite a few animals and she recognized most of them. i.e. tiger, lion, zebra, giraffe, orang utan.... She got so excited when she saw them, right in front of her.

It is a lot of fun actually. I won't mind taking her there again, just that I wish she will sit in her stroller next time. We took turns to carry her and all of our shoulders were aching that night....

Journey to Singapore....

Here we are, safe and sound in Singapore. It wasn't that tough at all. Well, only for the short journey, I will not consider going to Mexico with Naomi, no way I am going there alone, no no no.

So, we took a noon flight. Naomi didn't sleep for 6 hour before we board the plane and that actually saved my life. Naomi was really noisy when we were at the boarding area. She wanted to get down and climb on the floor and I stopped her from doing do. Dirty, right? After we board the plane, Naomi was a bit frustrated, too tired I guess. Then she started to ask to be breastfed, and I did while the aircraft was taxi-ing, and she felt asleep just right before the take off. And amazingly she slept all the way to Singapore till we landed. I thank God for that. :)

She was really happy to be with aunty Nicole and Trinny jiejie, she just made herself at home.

An adventure....

We are going to Singapore tomorrow. Just me and baby, pray hard for me, that Naomi will be a good girl all the way. Though short journey but she can be really "loud"!

Naomi, behave, k?

Naomi's Birthday Party...

So, we had an early celebration when Papa Sze is around. I dressed her up in her 1 year old dress, supposed to wear it on the exact date, but never mind.

We had a simple party, just the 3 of us and Papa Sze's parents and 2 brothers and a future sister in law. I put up some pooh bear bunting on the wall and Naomi was very happy to see them! :)

I wasn't in time to get a pretty cake for Naomi, since the cake is for us to eat and for Naomi to see, so I got this Chocolate Amer from Bakerzin. We love this cake very much, really yummy, and flourless, very choooocalate!

Papa Sze's Leaving...

Papa Sze will be going to Mexico for work for 9 weeks. Heartache for 3 of us. Naomi is so used to see daddy every morning when she's awake. Papa Sze was having early conference meeting and woke up much earlier than Naomi this morning. When she was awake, she actually said "daddy" for few times. That make both our hearts more painful to see her looking for daddy.

We have not been apart for so long after Naomi was born. Papa Sze has been working around in Asia that he got to come home every weekend or every two weeks. Mexico is too far to come home that frequent. It is about 35 hour including the transit time.... too far, can't bring Naomi along. I, will faint.

So, we'll have an early birthday party for Naomi because next month Papa Sze won't be around. Sigh.... I gonna miss him so so much...

Life's so unpredictable...

Sigh... My deepest condolence to you, Lorraine. Her grandpa just passed away about a week ago. It was so sudden. She sms and told me that her grandpa was discharged from the hospital after a heart attack but 2 days later, she called and said her grandpa was gone, peacefully.

I was really shock to hear that. It made me call my parents instantly who's in oversea to tell him I love them so much.... I started to tell my husband if there's anything happened to me, promise me to take good care of Naomi and my parents. I was looking at Naomi and tears start running down, how could I leave her?

Oh my god I am so emotional. Life's so unpredictable, please treasure everyone around everyday....

Baby Einsteins DVD....

A nice lady bought this whole set of 23 DVDs of Baby Einstein which they claim to make babies smarter for me from Australia. I am very thankful but I personally do not encourage baby to spend too much time on TV. I think babies are born to interact in order to learn.

Anyway, I still tried to put 1 or 2 to let her watch. Unfortunately(or luckily), she didn't like it at all. She kept turning away. She'd look for her picture books and want me to talk and explain to her everything in the picture books. She is pretty good with recognising the pictures. She can point out more than 20 pictures in the book though it's been only 1 month plus I started with her.

So, for the set of Baby Einsteins DVDs, it will be in the drawer for as long as it could be......

Tag - 5 Links...

Ok, got this tag twice, from my dear cousin Ruth and the wonderful daddy Tutiger. Thanks!


1. Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given below.

2. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

3. Don’t forget to read the archived post and leave comments.


Link ONE must be about FAMILY: Family Reunion
The whole family lives in different places, I mean, including the husband and wife! It is so tough for us to get together. This got to be my favourite!

Link TWO must be about FRIEND: Encouragement
Ahh... with friend's encouragement, I endure my blogging life till today...

Link THREE must be about YOURSELF: Frozen Numbers....
I can write this a thousand times. The numbers are the same! So spooky :P

Link FOUR must be about YOUR LOVE: My very first yummy mummy's day
My Naomi and my Man on my first mother's day

Link FIVE can be ANYTHING YOU LIKE: Over over over spent....
It's about shopping, so love shopping......

Ok, here comes the tough part. To tag....
1)The new parents - i still owe you one tag. :P
2)allthingspuprple - you are always on my list

Enough lar....

Naomi is 11 months old!!!!

Naomi is 11 months old. See, very cheerful. :)

Ok Ok, finally get to change it to a bigger picture... :)


Awesome Threesome

After McD.... It's good, but unhealthy. I need to restrict this unhealthy fast food from the house before Naomi realised they exist. Hm....

Ok, I got this Tag from Sean (not my hubby yeah, he doesn't blog). So it's about Awesome Threesome (hey, the serious one....)

Let’s get started:

Three things that scare me
Bad health
No money

Three people who make me laugh
Papa Sze
My dad

Three things I love

Three things I hate
Again, Fat

Three things I don’t understand
HTML coding
Naomi's sleeping pattern

Three things on my desk
Naomi's toys

Three things I am doing right now
Writting this post - lar
Watching channel V
walking in and out to check on Naomi

Three things I want to do before I die
See Naomi get married
Hold my grandchild
Love my family more and more each day

Three things I can do
Sing to Naomi in public
Sing to Naomi non-stop for 1 hour
Sing to Naomi the same song for 1 hour

Three things I can’t do
Say No to good food
Leave Naomi for more than 2 hour

Three things you must listen to
God's word
Parents kind advices

Three things you should never listen to
Busy body who just want to wait for a good show to start
when there are too many advices

Three shows I watched as a kid
Mickey Mouse & Friends

Now, tag three awesome person....

Misha's Mum

My life is back...


It was back today afternoon, after the kindest technician came to my house to get it fixed! He did mentioned the problem, arr.... the port, the line, got problem, then try to sort it back then, that's all I can understand. Anyway, who cares, MY INTERNET IS UP AGAIN!!!!!!

So we had McDonald tonight, so happy!

Starbucks again!

Here I am in Starbucks again. A lot of people are really busy, everyone on the table has got a laptop and they look really busy. Well, me too, but I am just being bored. And with Naomi beside me having a cuppa(water in her sippy cup), how cool is that? Naomi is the only baby here. And her scream does get lots of attention. No, I am not proud of this kind of attention, ok?

Seriously, is everyone really this busy? Or most of them are just like me? I peeped on the screen beside my table, ha, that guy is chatting on MSN... let me see, the other one, ooohh.... surfing for japanese animation, there another one chatting too on skype,... so see, i am not the only one who spent RM10.50 just to kill some time...

Internet Down....

Broadband service has been down at my place for many many days.... My life almost ended on the day the internet "died". The management people said the service will only be back probably in another week or two... I couldn't stand it anymore!!! So here I am in Starbuck Coffee writting this short post with Naomi screaming in the pram. Gosh, people must be thinking this mummy's business must be real important that she could ignore her baby's scream.

So peeps, I know it's rude not to reply comments. See, I am not doing it on purpose. Will do all the tags and blog hopping again when the internet service back alive....


Naomi is 10 months old....

Ahhhh..... My dear Naomi is 10 months old. Fast, right? Yeah right.

I've opened up the walker which was a present from my primary school friends. She loves it. She enjoys walking very much, but of course, we will have to be at her back.


Fair and Square....

Ha, everyone has been saying that Naomi looks more like Papa Sze.... Uh uh, no no, wrong... It's equal!

I am so happy today. Thanks to Ming's Blog.

Birthday tag.

I still owe Banu a tag! Ok, this is something not easy.... Look at the rules, not easy...

The Rule:

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day)
2. Write down 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday, and tag 5 friends

Okie here goes,

My Birthday: 27 June

According to Wikipedia .....

3 events:
1967 - The world's first ATM is installed in Enfield, London.
1979 - Muhammad Ali announces his retirement from boxing.
1998 - Opening of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Malaysia.

2 births:
1975 - Tobey Maguire, American actor
1962 - Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Hong Kong actor
(and I realised that I only know who are these 2 people on the entire list!!!!!)

1 holiday:
National Veterans' Day in the United Kingdom
(cheh! holiday in UK only wor....)

Ok. Now tag 5 right? I try...
allthingspurple - Seeeeeee, it's me again
misha's mum - sorry ar, another one.
Becky's Mum - pretty please.


Tag - 5 things...

Okie, this is from my long lost pal in hometown, Chanel. It is really nice to bump into long lost friends and make new friends in blogsphere! :)

INSTRUCTIONS:Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so:

Giddy Tiger

Choose a few(this I amend a bit lar, where to look for 5?) people to tag:
Misha's mum

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was working full time and funding myself for part time study.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Pregnant, so must be enjoying the food very much

Five snacks you enjoy
Dorito's corn chip
Lay's chip
French Fries
Choc chip Cookies
Super Ring(you know, the super coloured cheese ring?)

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to
The wheels on the bus
Sing a song of six pence
Twinkle twinkle little star ( all mothers sure this song right?)
Bah bah black sheep
ABC song

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
Invest to make more millions (greedy greedy greedy)
Get a nice house with a big garden
Save up for Naomi
Travel Travel Travel on first class!
but very first of all, SHOPPING!

Five bad habits
Picky, very picky on food which I shouldn't practice in front of Naomi
I have to have something sweet everyday, be it choc, candy, soft drink....
Not organised, always do things last minute. I used to pack my luggage 1 hr before I leave house to airport all the time.
Always late for appointmet, now with Naomi, a realy good excuse.

Five favourite toys
Barbie, yeah, I like changing nice cloth, mix and match the shoes, the hair... Cool!
Jigsaw Puzzle.
Naomi's toys
Mobile phone ( not that they are a toy, but they are very important)
My cosmetics ( yeah, we can play dress up!)

Five things you like doing
Gossip (:P)
Kiss Naomi

Five things you would never wear again
Wedding gown
That's it.

Naomi speaks....

Naomi can say a few simple words, mum-mum(food or eat), nan-nan(milk), bear, mei-mei(beautiful), ball, da-da, ma-mi, po-po(grandma), kai-kai(going out), kak(the maid).... She would point her little finger to wherever she wants to go. Everytime papa sze carries her, she'll point at the front door and she will say kai kai, and then turn back and waves bye bye to everyone. Sigh... my baby... :P

I bought her a picture book today, she immediately recognised the ball and bear in the book. She pointed at them and said the word and I was so amazed that she actually recognised the objects! I might be bias a bit lar, but she's so cleaver.... :P


Naomi is teething... again...

Another 2 on the top. Thank God she wan't in any discomfort I guess, she doesn't get fever or diarrhea, but she bites, Ouch, real hard.

She was such a good girl yesterday. I have to send the maid to get her medical check up in order to renew her working permit inMalaysia. After I left the maid with the agent, Naomi was alone in the car seat at the back. I was all prepared that she will be crying her heart out but NO, she didn't even make a single noise. She just remained quiet in the seat until we got home. The whole journey was about 20 mins. And after 2 hour, we have to go out again to get the maid home, again, she was all quiet in the car seat at the back alone! Good girl eh? I was so surprised! So she got to play with the remote as a reward... Hahahahha, cheap skate mummy.


Family reunion....

The whole family were here in Kuala Lumpur for Nicole's (Trinity's mum, my sis) birthday. Yeah, it was chaos again with 1 kid, 1 toddler and 2 babies. Naomi got a bit too excited as well that she slept very very little. Ahhhhh, but the happiest person would be my parents, to see all their kids and grandchildren together again. It's good to be together. :) We had great time and very very good food, shark fin soup, lobster, prawn..... Thanks to you, my brother in law. :P


8 random facts about my mom

Ahhh.... thanks Chris for the tag. :)

So I have to write something about my mum..... hmm....

1) My mum's surname in Malay/English is FOO as well. So since young when I fill up whatever forms, I was always asked about my mum's surname. They'd either say "Must write your mother's real surname, not you dad's...." or "Don't you Chinese believe same surname cannot be married????" or "you are not single parent's family, are you?" .... Yeah, my mum's surname is Foo but in Chinese character, it is different.

2) My mum took care of 3 of us with lots and lots of patient, definitely better than I do now. I totally have no patient with Naomi. She never hit us with rotan or anything, i think she has never beat us before and we turned out just fine. She is the best mummy in the whole wide world and if there's a chance to let me choose my mum, it will still be her.

3) I can tell my mum anything. From work to sex, we can talk. My mum is so open minded and encouraging. She's always there for us whenever we need her.

4) My mum's math is very good, and I DIDN'T inherit that from her....

5) My mum really suffered when she was pregnant with me as I came out 1 month later than the expected date. She went back and forth to the hospital for many many times....

6) My mum can't swim, and, same here.

7) Mum is very good with craft works. Cross stitching, knitting, sewing... and she learnt those skills by herself without anyone's help. She used to make all our clothes when we were little. My sis and I always wear the same pattern and got lots of praises from our friends and teachers. And, none of her kids inherit her talent....

8) Oh, my mum can't really cook. It was my dad a better cook all these while. It will take her one whole morning just to prepare a 2 dishes meal.... still, she doesn't cook badly, just, slow and less variety. Mum, I still like your cooking. :)

Yeah, that's about my mum. Now come the hardest part, TO TAG.....
Misha, come come, share something we don't know about your mummy!

Naomi is 9 months old...

Naomi is 9 months old!!!!!! :)
Happy 9-month, my baby! :)

Rejecting Solid.....

Naomi, when are you going to eat a bowl of porridge or anything????? I am so tired feeding her. She is still not in love with the concept of swallowing. She'll make the vomit face everytime I feed her solid food. Magdelina, her 2-month-younger cousin sister can finish 2 big bowl of porridge. Sigh....

Brought her to paed and he said she does look fine, still active and cheerful. Nothing to worry about. But she's not gaining weight!

I guess I have tried everyway possible, now, I will take Paed's advice. Let her take her own sweet time to get use to it. And I, on the other hand continue to waste a bit of baby food everyday.....


Sigh.... Ing-ge-ris

Translate please?


It has been really long.... There're lots to talk about. Oh I am so sorry Naomi, mummy didn't update your 8 months old on that day itself...

Ok, so Naomi goes first.

Naomi was 8 months old on 14th July, now, about 8 and a half months old... Her weight gain is pretty slow now, still refusing solid, still on breastmilk and I am still cooking and making different puree and fighting to feed her. So far, no luck still. But she is as chubby...

She can crawl, very fast, especially to grab the remote control. She can sit up by her own and pull herself up at the crib or chair handle or anything that can support her. Which mean I have to spend more energy to watch her nowadays.... She knows how to wave bye bye, clap hands, Sayang, sit up, pointed to the door to go kai kai or bedroom to go to sleep at night... she is able to recognise who is daddy, mummy, poh poh (grandma), gong gong(grandpa), Ah Kong(grandpa), Ah Mah(grandma), kakak, Trinny jie jie and some unlces..... And she loves to go to the Kidz Sport & Gym in 1 Utama. And they actually charge RM9.99 for baby. Gosh!

Ok... there'll be more to come tomorrow.... I am sick, Naomi is sick, so I better go rest early... :)


How much does your life worth?

Your Life Is Worth...


Tag - 8 Random facts about myself

This is my punishment for leaving my blog behind for too long, I guess, I've been tagged and tagged.... No, I am not blaming k, only ranting a little bit...

Ok, let me do this tag which is from Cheryl-not-my-cousin-cheryl and The New Parents in-the-insane-world.... And the rules,
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names.5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

8 random facts about myself....

1) I always wanted to be a career woman until Naomi came into the picture. Now, I love to stay with her 24/7.

2) I have a scar on my forehead which I got at 7 years old. I "ran into" a wall, I guess I was having eye problem at that age and didn't realised it.

3) And I realised I have long sighted problem at the age of 19.

4) I'm bad at mathematic, very bad.

5) I was a size 8, very hard to believe when looking at me now.....

6) I am very good at remembering directions and roads but I can't read a map!

7) I always wanted my hubby to be at least 3 years older but Papa Sze is only 1 year older, and I still love him very much! He does act like 10 years older sometimes....

8) Naomi was "created" the very first month we tried to conceive....

Yeah, that's was quick! Ok, now the hardest part is to tag....

1)allthingspurple, again, I know, hate me.
2)misha's mum home work!


Okie, after my nothing-so-special-but-getting-old birthday, I have some tags to do... let me do the easy peasy one first... This one is from the far-far-away-Netherland

So, let me see, to be a SAHM or FTWM???? Definitely SAHM if financial is not a problem. So far, I am lucky to be one....

Reasons being:

1) I wish to see my kid growing up.
2) I would like to bring up my own kid so I have no one to blame when my kid misbehave. :P
3) I am not ambitious, I don't really like working....

Here’s how it works:

1. So easy peasy, if you were given a choice, would you be a SAHM or FTWM? Just provide 3 darn good reasons.

2. Include your post link to the list below and Finally,

3. Tag another three mommies List:

1. Immomsdaughter prefers to be a SAHM
2. Miche prefers to be a SAHM too.
3. Jess prefers to be SAHM!
4. Becky's Mum prefers to be SAHM....
5. VivianZ prefers to be SAHM

The tags goes to…

1. Mama Bok
2. allthingspurple

and for the rest of the tags, give me sometime, ok, promise, I will do them...

Grandpa's Birthday...

Haiyor, there are so many birthdays in June. There are 5 of us actually, my brother, then my brother in law, then Papa Sze, then me, then today, my dearest daddy!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! Sorry dad, no fancy banner or graphic for you. Don't want to flood my blog with only birthday graphic ok? :P Love you so much.

My Birthday...

So, it is my birthday today....

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ - Image hosted by
Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ - Image hosted by
Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ - Image hosted by

Happy birthday Papa Sze.....

It was on 21st June.... I "forgot" to post it up here.... but I did remember in real life. So not totally bad. :)

center>Free Animated Graphics

By the way, Papa Sze, just a reminder, not that you will forget(again), I am sure you will remember, your wife's birthday is just round the corner too..... Hehehe :P

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