my blog is always about the kids. My life is basically just revolving around my 2 princesses and nothing much left to talk about... sad huh?

And so, Naomi is settling very very well at her kindy. I wasn't very pleased with the teacher's attitude sometimes but she refused to change class or even school, so I just let her stay on, as long as she is comfortable about it.

At 4 years and 3 months old, Naomi finally sleeping on her own bed in her own room. Well, I have gotten back half of my bed and it is very very very good I tell you. I was sandwiched between this 2 gals for more than 15 months and I could hardly sleep at night! For the first week, I was checking her out N times in and out the bedroom, it was the mother who is feeling the lost. However, Bravo , my girl. Secretly wish that my little one can move to her own bed real sooooooon.

As of Leah, she is 17+ months now. Weighing 8KG and height at 76CM . A pretty petite size to our family as none of us is small.....

refuses to eat a proper meal.
chooses her own clothes and shoes.
loves shopping.
loves peanuts.
very much in love with Mickey Mouse.
starts talking, responds with words when asked.
hates being potty trained.
hates going to bed at night, gotta wait till she is super tired.
laughs very loud whenever Jie Jie comes back from school.
is very hard head.


Leah and her collection...

Leah only love Mickey Mouse. Not Minnie Mouse, not Daisy, but only Mickey.

We are slowly increasing her Mouse Collection.....

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