Merry Christmas! :)

It was a very quiet Christmas this year for us. However, Naomi was still happy because "Santa" came over....

On the Christmas Eve, we prepared a glass of milk and a piece of cookie for Santa. Naomi put the cookie at the spot she wanted Santa to drop the presents. We did that about 8:30pm... and from then until before she slept, she kept checking out the cookie and the milk. Until I told her that Santa will only come when you are sleeping... haiyor. Then of course when the lil girl had gone to sleep, mummy will have to drink the milk and eat the cookie lar!

Then the next day when she woke up, she actually forgotten about the cookie and the milk until I reminded her today is Christmas, Santa should have come last night... Then only she quickly ran out to the living room and she was so happy to see presents! She actually screamed :" Santa finished my cookie and milk milk!" and "Thank you Santa for the presents!"

There were 3 presents, I told her Santa gave her 1, daddy and mummy gave her one each... I wonder if she will think how come all the wrapper were the same... muahahahahaha


Christmas, Yeah!....

I just went and dig my last year post... I just realized that I didn't blog about our Christmas last year!!!

This year will only be 3 of us here in a foreign country. I have been celebrating with my whole family on Christmas for the past 2 years, and frankly, I miss it a lot! It's good to have family nearby. It's good to feel taken care of. :) Well, Papa Sze does a very good job in taking care of me and Naomi too!

Last year Naomi was just started walking for a month, was still walking like a "drunken master". And she couldn't speak in sentence, only a few words. Couldn't sing out one whole song... Look at her now, so much different in just 1 year. She speaks fluently in well formed sentences. She sings lots and lots of nursery rhymes, English and Chinese, 1 hakka and 1 hokkien, a few cantonese children songs too! And she can run so fast that I sometimes I couldn't keep up (yeah, this mama needs exercise more...)

Last year we have loads of presents from uncle Ray and Aunty Nicole and other relatives... this year, sorry lor Naomi. Only 2 ,ok?

And last year she still have very curly hair.... now it has become so much straighter!


I am Bored....

I couldn't cook.
I couldn't chat (or 8) on msn....
I couldn't watch drama....
I couldn't go kai kai....
because Naomi is so clingy.... sian...

Oh I miss my mum so much.....

Naomi at 25 months old...

Oh my Oh my... it's been long since my last update... It's not easy to juggle a few blogs... how do you wonderful mummies out there manage to do so???

Here's some update:

Poh poh has gone home to Malaysia today. Yesterday while she was packing, Naomi thought we are going back together. She got so excited that she went to pull out her clothes from the wardrobe and start packing too (like she knows lar!) Poor thing, I just have to be cruel and tell her the truth,

"Naomi, only poh poh is going back to KL. We stay in China, ok?"
"Nooooo mummy, I want to go too...we all go together"
"Baby, you have to stay here with mummy and daddy... poh poh needs to go back to see gong gong..."
"Noooo poh poh cannot go...I want poh poh...." then she started crying, hugging poh poh and keep asking poh poh not to leave....

I tell you, it broke both me and my mum's heart to see her cry like that... I seriously wanted to buy another tickets and we all go home together... but I was rational enough, luckily.

Anyhow... we sent poh poh off this morning. She was ok, but sad for a while I guess... I wrote it here in my shopaholic blog.

Naomi is 2 years and 1 month old (or 25 months old....) She's grown a lot and she is able to speak so well, I can basically sembang with her now... and she picked up some cantonese songs too, so cute! hehehehehe :)


Hong Kong trip Day 2.... Disneyland!

Our day 2 and last day were at Disneyland. Disneyland hotels are having promotion now, which you stay one night at the hotel, bought 1 day ticket and play for 2 days. It's quite worth it. Though Hong Kong Disneyland is pretty small, it should be done in just 1 day, but having a toddler who would need to nap in the afternoon and all the queuing for those character photography sessions... 2 days will spare us more time to play and more relax.

We purposely took a cab from Shatin to TsingYi MTR station, and we took MTR to Sunny Bay and changed to the Disneyland resort line in order for Naomi to experience the Disneyland train. She was very very excited to see the train with Mickey's head window!

As we entered the park, she saw Goofy and on my, she was so happy that she kept screaming for goofy like those little fans. Muahahahaha . When she saw Belle, oh my oh my, she really adored Belle. After that she told me "mummy, I want to be like Belle, I want a dress like hers...." See lar, she's only 2, ok?

Disneyland were having some Christmas Celebration with extra stage shows in front of the castle. And the Christmas Parade, I have to say it wasn't impressive. It was quite short and simple..... The fireworks at night was very short too! It wasn't great too... I remembered it shouldn't be this short.... Hmmm....

Naomi's favorite was Buzz Lightyear ride. I think we took about 5-6 rounds of Buzz Lighyear ride. And she knows her mission, is to shoot the naughty Zurg.... And we went for Golden Mickey and Lion King stage shows as well. At first I was pretty worried that she would be making a scene inside but to my surprise, she actually loved them. She was watching so quietly and so concentrating. I guess it's not long for our movie days! Hehehehe

Overall, it was a lot of fun, it's good enough for Naomi to really enjoy herself. However, both mummy and daddy were very very tired carrying her queuing up...

Isn't she a lady? Her Aunty Nicole said, she's a natural.

Disney train....


Ok, this cheapo mum didn't buy this for her, only let her took picture. It's HKD90 and I don't think she will really want it after 5 mins.

She's angry at her daddy.... because she couldn't queue up quietly.

I asked her to put up a happy face, this was what she gave me.

She wasn't scared of any of this character, she actually ran towards them and hug them without me.

Her idol.....
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