Naomi's 3rd birthday...

Naomi was 3 on 14/11/2009!

This year's celebration was quite simple. We were glad that Papa Sze gets to come home to celebrate both Naomi's birthday and Leah's full moon on the next day.

Since we'd be eating so much on Leah's full moon, we made a very simple celebration with just our close family. I ordered the princesses and Dora's cupcakes from Tracey and they were really really delicious. We find that cupcake is much more economical for small celebration. And no wastage. Last year we spent RM300 on a Pooh bear & friends' design cake which naomi chose, and we couldn't even finish half of it. There were still cupcakes left this year but it was still very nice to let our guests tarpao home, at least the cupcakes were still untouched and looked good. :)

Less presents this year as I didn't know what to get for my little one anymore. She's at the phase of too small for games and too big for baby toys, and she has most of the things she wants. So we got her books and clothes and costumes.

Next year, we will have to celebrate birthday for Leah on October and Naomi on November... gonna be so broke... hehehe

Leah's full moon...

Full moon hair cut.

I should really update my blog more often. It's only fair to the little one, hor?

We had Leah's full moon party on 15/11/2009. We had about 80 guests and they are only relatives, family from Papa Sze and my side. Huge family.

Lots of food, lots of laughter and lots of angpao, hehehehe.

Welcome Leah....

We have a new member in our family!

Name: Leah Ng Xuen-Yee (黄萱颐)
D.O.B : 16/10/2009
weight : 2.82kg
height : 46.5cm
Head circumstance : 33cm

I had to go for a C-sec due to umbilical cord around baby's neck. Doctor advised I should not wait. I felt very peaceful though Papa Sze couldn't make it home on time to be with me at the operation theater. Papa Sze only make it back 8 hour after Leah was born and he went through so much trouble to get a flight home.

It was a very fast recovery too! I didn't feel any pain after about 8 days. I went out shopping again at 3 weeks and had no problem driving and moving around.

Breastfeeding is a breeze, didn't experience too much problem. Leah latch on well and definitely love being breastfed.

However, Leah doesn't like sleeping. She is awake more than a usual new born and she probably sleeps for only 1 hour each time. She likes to be awake at night from 12am to 4am. My dad and I will have to take turn to carry her, trying to put her to sleep. ARGH! This is still going on and on and on.... when will it end my angel?
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