Leah @ 10 months old....

Leah was 10 months old few days ago. And this forgetful mama keep forgetting to update bits about her development. So this is the difference between 1st baby and 2nd. Not that I love Leah lesser, I love her to the max but it's just the time management isn't that well anymore. I could sleep as early as 8.30pm nowadays when I used to sleep around 2am! Those were once upon a time......

Leah is as cheeky as her sister was but obviously more brave one. Naomi used to be scared of weird sounds like washing machine, vacuum cleaner (now still the same), but Leah would not be afraid of any of these. She even tried to touch the vacuum cleaner while I was operating it.

Leah could mumble a few words like mum-mum(eat), Buh-buh(bye bye with hands waving), boh(ball), kah-kah (Kai kai, going out).... not too clear yet but at least she is trying.

She walks well with push walker, and a circular walker that I got her. It goes round and round so I don't have to chase behind her back. hahahahaha And she walks really well, turning round and round.

When she wants to be breastfed, she will crawl to the bed, lay down there and starting "ah-ah ing" for me.

Leah is now weight at 7.9kg (didn't gain weight), height at 70cm. She is always smaller compare to same age babies in china, she is at 10 months and normally smaller than a 8 months old china babies. hmmm....

Little Miss Vain

My soon to be 4-year-old girl is very into putting on color on herself. :D

Got this lip gloss palette for her from Sephora. The lip gloss quality seems fine and the design is absolutely cute for girls! She loves it so so much. :) mummy gets to share too! hehe

little miss messy....

Leah has discovered her new "playground". She would come here at least once a day, mess it up and then sayonara. sigh...

And look, she is trying to reach a bottle of Gerber puff which is not quite her height. Did you notice her pointy toe trying to reach as high as possible....

And did she succeed? Yes she did, and then ran away lor....

Naomi's pretend play...

Naomi loves role playing games and pretend play.

Yesterday, she was "cooking" at her "kitchen" for quite long... She then took 2 empty plates towards me and said, "here you go, mum". Then i pretended to take it up and straight away "put" into my mouth. She started shouting ,"no mum, that's mine, this one is yours!!!!"

I quickly "spit" out and said," phew, luckily I didn't swallow yet..." She started crying," mum you ruined my cake! "

I went to her "kitchen", pretending to cook her another cake and then passed the plate to her and said, "here, i made u the same one."

Naomi took a look and said," no it's not the same, you didn't put cherry on top." Ok, i pretended to put cherry on top. "no mum, u need to put cream on then only the cherry will stay..... " I then pretended to squeezed the cream. and then she started again," oh mum it's not the yellow cream, it's the pink one!" I said "IT IS PINK!" she argued," it's not this pink, it's light pink!"

Arghhhh, my girl and her imagination!!!
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