Baby Sign....

Naomi is 15 months old. She is very very talkative, and started to link up the words she knows to form a sentence. E.g, Naomi-play-toys-outside; mummy-nan nan-here-room. So she did expressed herself very well now. That make my life much easier as she understand me better too! She does tell me if she wants to eat, to sleep, to poo-poo etc.... so goood.....

Looking back those days before she started talking, ahhhh, a headache. Luckily I was talking to a pretty mummy and she told me about baby signing.... So I did give it a try. And hey, surprisingly naomi picked it up very very well. She managed to pick up the sign of DOG, FAN, BATH, EAT , etc... within 1 month time. That, I was impressed that Baby Signing actually helped me to understand my daughter's needs! Papa Sze wasn't very sure at first but after seeing Naomi's progree, he is all happy! I seriously thank Jamie from BabySign for having this wonderful course for us!

Recently I just ordered another few books for Naomi. Can't wait to get them!

My First Spoken Words books complement signing and make it easy for babies to learn to speak their first words. When babies open each page, they will hear words and sounds that help them learn to say their very own first words.
My First Spoken Words: Animals(Introductory Offer: RM50, Normal Price: RM70)
My First Spoken Words: Babies(Introductory Offer: RM50, Normal Price: RM70)

I Can Sign! is an interactive lift-the-flap book and DVD work together to provide your baby with multiple examples of each sign for faster learning.
I Can Sign! Animals (Introductory Offer: RM40, Normal Price:RM60)
I Can Sign! Playtime (Introductory Offer: RM40, Normal Price: RM60)

I did think of becoming one of the instructor but Papa Sze wants me to give full attention to Naomi until at least she goes to school. So, for those who are interested to take up a new challenge, please, read more about it HERE. :)

Happy Chinese New Year....

For those who still come to my blog, I am really sorry for not updating my blog for a reeeeally long time. So, we are all good now.... :)

The past week was busy, we have to travelled back north for the Chinese New Year celebration and this is the first time for the three of us to be able to celebrate Chinese New Year reunion! Last year Naomi was 3 months old, Papa Sze was in Bangkok, couldn't come back for reunion, we missed him so much on this festive!

We did have a good time with all the family members and Naomi enjoyed herself very much with her cousins! She walks around, "social" very well with other relative, which I didn't think of she could be so "independent" without me. It was pretty relaxing for my CNY! I thank God for that.

Naomi speaks very well now. She is now trying to link up the words to form a "sentence" which is very interesting.

Jolly good time with cousins.

Lil Princess...

Family potrait.

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