TV during meal time?

I am not a mother who against TV, in fact, I am a lousy mum who always let my kid watch TV until my kid know almost all the animation characters....

However, I will never allowed my kid to watch TV, at the same time, eating. This is definitely a NO NO to me. No matter how Naomi refused to take the solid food last time, I didn't give in by letting her eat in front of the TV.

Until today, Naomi only eats on dining table, and she always turn off TV whenever I say meal time which I think is a very good practice, kid gets to see what she is putting into her mouth instead of some mouse and duck and dog's faces on TV.

However, today at Ikano Power Centre, I saw a parents with a maid and a about 3 years old boy were eating at one of the food place. And to my horror, the maid was feeding the boy with a portable DVD player ON!!!!! Is it necessary??? He won't die skipping one meal if he doesn't want to eat! I was so shocked!

Do parents need to go to that extend to spoil a child? Bringing a portable player everywhere you go? I can understand if the player is only for parents to get some peaceful time to get to have a gathering session with relatives or friends which normally last longer. But this is only a lunch!!! I think this is nut. I am sorry if you are one of the parents like this reading this post, yes, I think you are nut.

Xmas Xmas Xmas....

It's the happiest month of the year! DECEMBER! It means Christmas is near and presents presents presents. Well, it's not as excited anymore because nowadays I have to buy lots of presents instead of receiving lots of presents. However, I still love Christmas atmosphere. So peaceful.

I brought Naomi to a few malls to see the Christmas decoration and of course, to meet Santa. So far we have seen Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion, Ikano, The Curve.

The Santa from Pavilion looks a lot like those from the hallmark card. hehehe. more real. And Naomi actually told "Santa" her wish for Christmas Presents... faint, and I have to start looking for them now. Barbie and room sets and Dora talking kitchen (this one die liao, have to order from US). Sigh... everything for my girls now.

Let me upload some pictures from Pavilion.

At Pavilion, you need to pay RM10 in order to take picture with Santa, but the RM10 will go into Charity, and you get a free 4R picture. :)

Leah @ 6 weeks old...

Leah is 6 weeks old, still not a deep sleeper at night. In fact, a night owl. She just refuse to fall asleep, not by nursing, rocking, patting on the back, nothing! Normally she will make lots of fuss from 12am to about 4am until all of us are really really tired, then only she will sleep soundly. This is going on for 6 weeks... tired.

Other than sleeping problem, she is still an angel. She loves to be carried (I am sure all babies do), and smiles a lot too.

She is born on a smaller size, 2.82kg, and at 6 weeks, she's 4.58kg, definitely catching up!


Naomi's 3rd birthday...

Naomi was 3 on 14/11/2009!

This year's celebration was quite simple. We were glad that Papa Sze gets to come home to celebrate both Naomi's birthday and Leah's full moon on the next day.

Since we'd be eating so much on Leah's full moon, we made a very simple celebration with just our close family. I ordered the princesses and Dora's cupcakes from Tracey and they were really really delicious. We find that cupcake is much more economical for small celebration. And no wastage. Last year we spent RM300 on a Pooh bear & friends' design cake which naomi chose, and we couldn't even finish half of it. There were still cupcakes left this year but it was still very nice to let our guests tarpao home, at least the cupcakes were still untouched and looked good. :)

Less presents this year as I didn't know what to get for my little one anymore. She's at the phase of too small for games and too big for baby toys, and she has most of the things she wants. So we got her books and clothes and costumes.

Next year, we will have to celebrate birthday for Leah on October and Naomi on November... gonna be so broke... hehehe

Leah's full moon...

Full moon hair cut.

I should really update my blog more often. It's only fair to the little one, hor?

We had Leah's full moon party on 15/11/2009. We had about 80 guests and they are only relatives, family from Papa Sze and my side. Huge family.

Lots of food, lots of laughter and lots of angpao, hehehehe.

Welcome Leah....

We have a new member in our family!

Name: Leah Ng Xuen-Yee (黄萱颐)
D.O.B : 16/10/2009
weight : 2.82kg
height : 46.5cm
Head circumstance : 33cm

I had to go for a C-sec due to umbilical cord around baby's neck. Doctor advised I should not wait. I felt very peaceful though Papa Sze couldn't make it home on time to be with me at the operation theater. Papa Sze only make it back 8 hour after Leah was born and he went through so much trouble to get a flight home.

It was a very fast recovery too! I didn't feel any pain after about 8 days. I went out shopping again at 3 weeks and had no problem driving and moving around.

Breastfeeding is a breeze, didn't experience too much problem. Leah latch on well and definitely love being breastfed.

However, Leah doesn't like sleeping. She is awake more than a usual new born and she probably sleeps for only 1 hour each time. She likes to be awake at night from 12am to 4am. My dad and I will have to take turn to carry her, trying to put her to sleep. ARGH! This is still going on and on and on.... when will it end my angel?

Naomi's first school experience....

I feel so warm with all the welcome back wishes. :) so touched. Thanks for visiting leh.

Naomi will be 2 years and 10 months old in another few days time. She is quite a fast learner but a bit over attach to me. I have tried to send her to pre-school and it really really traumatized her. The pre school teacher kept saying I should leave her and just go away. It broke my heart to see her screaming and crying at the gate when I returned 1 hour later. She even woke up in the middle of the night and asked if she need to be in school alone again. Poor baby, I have no heart to continue her in the school, so I withdraw her from school after 3 days trial. I seriously think pre-school shouldn't be so stressful. It should be a place she looks forward to be everyday. A lot of people said I wasn't tough enough, a lot of them think I should let her continue for at least a week or two, but it's not a must for her to go to school right? I really couldn't bear her midnight cry saying she doesn't want to be in school alone. So be it lar, sigh....

I was talking to my friend who runs a kindy, she told me I shouldn't have left her and go all of sudden. I should be there with her for at least 1 week, to let her get use to the environment and to look for the sense of security... BUT it was the school PRINCIPAL that told me to leave her!!!! I picked the wrong school after doing all the visiting to a few of them! :(

Now, whenever I told her that "look, that jie jie is going to school... it is so much fun going to school..." and she will answer "but I like to stay home with mummy.... I don't have to go to school...." sigh...

So, We shall try again soon or next year, and definitely another school....

my princess

a lil update.

Last post on march.... my my my...

Ok, I blamed it on China, because they block the direct access to blogspot, and proxies aren't working all the time... so on and so on... and now back in Malaysia, no excuse for me to not updating about my little ones....

I am now at my 33 weeks, yeah, another 7 weeks to go. This pregnancy is definitely more tiring than the previous one. Maybe I have a going-to-be-3 toddler to take care of and no maid. I am lucky to have my mum around, or else, I will probably go insane already. I really salute those SAHM with 2-3 kids and no helper, you are really super mum!

I am very much enjoying the baby shopping though. All the the tiny clothes, mittens, booties, beanies, toys.... it's nice to shop and it's even nicer when i can shop with valid reason. hehehehe...

ok, Happy Merdeka Day everyone. Time for me to go kaikai somemore. will update again later. MUAKS for those who still come visiting me. I really appreciate it.

Naomi is 28 months old...

It's an back dated post. Naomi is 28 months old on 14/3/2009. She's been a very good girl since the morning sickness started. Before I found out I am pregnant, she's been just clingy and annoyed. After the morning sickness kicked in, I realized that she could be so understanding and so sweet. Every time, after I threw up in the bath room, she will quickly call my mum or hubby to get me a glass of warm water. Every night, she reminds me to take my folic acid. I'm so pleased to see her being such a sweet little girl.

She is pretty much ok with the baby news. She actually showed excitement to be a "jie jie" soon. She is a big girl now. She does her stuff most of the time, she put on/off her clothes by herself, she eats with us on the table on her own. She is 100% diaper free. Never wet once on the bed! I am very very proud of my little girl!

An unexpected gift from above...

We received this pleasant surprise from God... :)

I am now about 9 weeks pregnant and I am having bad nausea. Praying hard that it will go off real soon.

Sorry for not visiting your blogs so often anymore. I hardly visit my own too....


Naomi's Painting...

One of Naomi's favorite activity is the art time with Daddy.... yeah, it had to be daddy, because mummy can't draw. Normally, daddy would outline a picture and Naomi do the painting. And yesterday, Naomi's tremendous improvement seriously gave us a shock! She painted so carefully, tried so hard not to paint outside the line... Well, all the blue color parts was helped by daddy... pink, definitely her's.

She asked her daddy to cut out the painting and stick them on the wall. It's been 3 days, she refused to let us take them down, she is absolutely proud of her works!


Naomi is 27 months...

Happy valentine's day to all....

And it's my girl 27 months old today too...

She is hyper active, talkative, sing well, talk well, fuzzy eater, picky on clothes and so... sigh...

It's been 5 days in a row that she did not wet her night diaper at all. And she would wake me up in the middle of the night to bring her to the toilet, then back to the bed, sleep again... Very very soon I am sure, my girl will be 100% diaper free. So happy, can't wait for the day to come.

She is quite independent nowadays too, she will pick her own clothes to wear, she even put them on and take them off herself. She eats on her own, she refused to be fed now. She will tell you, "mummy, I am a big girl, let me eat on my own!" What's next?

Travel between KL and ShenZhen are doing good for us. Naomi enjoys traveling as she enjoyed herself very much on the plane. She has no problem sitting by herself while the plane take off or landing. She misses daddy in ShenZhen and she misses her grandparents and uncles back in MY too. So she loves traveling! I thank God she is one good girl who is eaily settling down at one place. :)


Naomi's 3rd CNY...

This year is Naomi's 3rd celebration of Chinese New Year. The first time was when she was 3 months old, 2nd was 1 year and 2 months old. And this year, she is 2 years and 2 months old... time flies...

I bought her Chinese Qi-Pao, I was very worried at first that she will not put them on. She dislike most of the dresses I got her. Surprisingly, she was very very co-operative the whole CNY. Whatever dress that I want her to put on, she was ok with that. Of course, I did tell lie lar! I told her those dresses are from her beloved Trinity Jie Jie, or Angelina Jie Jie, or those princesses. Well, her favorite is Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty. Yes, she is very much into princesses now.

It was all usual CNY, food and more food.... I think I gained at least 3kgs...Damn. Need to go on diet again!!!!

Some updates...

It's been really long since I really sit myself down to blog, yeap, since I was back from China. We are very busy in MY. hmmm... i wonder why?

  • Naomi is finally diaper free in the day time before the CNY. She could hole her pee all the way from KL to Taiping. Actually I believe she could go diaper free at night if I could wake her up once in the midnight to go to the toilet, her diaper through out the night is very very light. However, this mama is just too lazy. So she'll be still on diaper at night lar!
  • Naomi speaks Chinese more than English, though she could understand English but she will still answer in Chinese. And she speaks fluently. Well structured sentences and she created her own stories in correct sequence.
  • She is behaving very very very bad lately. She doesn't listen to me or daddy. Not willing to apologize. She is very rebellious!
  • she is very into jigsaw puzzle nowadays... saved me a lot to buy her expensive toys. I just need to buy her those cheapo big piece jigsaw puzzles and that could entertain her for few days! So good! And I have to say she's quite good at solving them. I just need to show her twice and she can do them by herself.
And of course, she grew a lot taller. A lot of clothes are smaller and shorter now.... sigh... time for shopping...


It's been a long time since my last post.... lazy... very lazy. And busy too, plus all the sickness. It was chaotic.

Sister and Trinity came back from Aussie for visit. And we were busy traveling to visit our relatives and "sight-seeing". And just 1 day before they left, Naomi was having stomach virus. On and off till now. Poor baby. And after 2 days, me got the same problem but I was fine in just 2 days and now, my right neck and shoulder are killing me. Went to see a Chinese Sensei and got myself some very very very horrible medicine. Argh!

Back in MY....

It's been really busy back home.... lots of cleaning up, and thanks to my parents who came back to MY earlier, they helped to clean up a lot! And lots of kai kai to go.... yeah, we are free like a bird, we can go anywhere we want now! So I basically take Naomi out everyday!

Naomi is so happy to be in her car seat and listen to her children hymn in the car. She can sing lots of children hymn in full. Sometime I am very impressed, she just sang them to me only I realized she's able to do so.

I am pretty lazy to write... and this is my girl having her favorite ice cream.

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