My other half tag....

My my my, my third post of the day and both the tags are from Nicole. And-hor, after reading everyone else other half, I wonder why I married mine... :P Sorry-lar darling, other people's hubby cooks, do financial planning, IT problem solving, holiday planning etc etc, and I am doing all these-wor.... But never mind, other people's hubby doesn't love me, my darling does. :P

OK, now, let me think of the 10 why....

1. When we first started to email each other frequently, was when he was in US and I was back here in Malaysia. And after a while, we started dating when he came back here for long holiday. But he scared I got courted away by other men, so he quited his job in US and came back to be with me. Quite touching-hor. But not yet finished, then of course I was so touched and swore to God that I'll love him only-lor. After 4 months, he found another consulting job in Australia and this job is worse, travelling non-stop. He could be in 13 places in a year.

2. He let me keep all his money, muahahaha, this is one good reason to marry him, isn't it?

3. He asked me to stop working and still I get to maintain the shopping life as of during my working time. I love my hubby so much.

4. Both of us love watching movie. That's one of the must-do during our courting days. And now we have Naomi so young that we can't go to the cinema, we still enjoy watching movie at home.

5. He doesn't cook, but he will finish everything I cook, though sometimes the food may be a bit out of taste, e.g. honey chicken might taste like charcoal chicken.

6. He always make me laugh, and he is always the first to say sorry.

7. He doesn't remember all the anniversaries but I still get presents all the time.

8. He gets along so well with my family and my niece that my niece Trinity is closer to him than me and my mum always cook his favourite food not mine.

9. He is the only person that I really feel that I can trust that he will take care of me forever and will not betray me.

10. He proposed with a 1.02 carat Diamond ring, how to resist??? :P

So, finally I got the 10. Luckily no need 20, sure die of thinking.

Now now... see who I wanna 8 about their Lou-gong(husband)...

Christene ya-lar I only remember you like meme
mott - dunno if you will layan but just try my luck lor.

Naomi's new toys!

Today, papa Sze was in his extremely good mood, I guess, because he went shopping with me! To my shock he actually didn't show his usual charcoal face! God, did you hear my prayer?

So, happily my hubby was carrying Naomi in the new BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Air that we got from US which is saying to have better air circulation. I think it does, Naomi could sleep well in this carrier while we do the shopping without making any noise. We got Naomi some new toys to rotate so she won't be so bored looking at those same old toys everyday. We got her some developmental toys and another play mat from Tiny Love - ActiviTot™ developmental gym which she seems to like it more compare to the fisher price aquarium activity play mat. She enjoyed putting those toys into her mouth and for fisher price's mat, the toys are hanging up there which she can grab hold of but not long enough to put into her mouth. Then she would get frustrated and start screaming. I guess that's the reason she could stay on the new mat longer than the old one. We got her Aquarium take-along swing too but I think she still doesn't really appreciate the swinging motion yet.

I really enjoyed my shopping today though I didn't get anything for myself. At least, I really enjoyed when hubby waiting for me there buying toys for our little precious without complaining me being a shopaholic, um... a little bit, but good enough, he wasn't angry, or giving me "the look". He was smiling all the time with his little princess sleeping sweet and sound inside the carrier on his chest....

She loves it!

Aquarium Take-along swing, um, she prefers it no-swing.

Another Tag... If Wishes Come True

Tagged by again. Thank you.

Ok. If wishes come true... so many-neh. I wish for health, wealth, love, peace, happiness....

This is such a tough decision to choose the wishes to come true, and if you ask me to list down all of them, is either I'll be too tired typing and thinking or the page will go endless...

So, I just wish for whatever I wish may come true...

Not going to tag anyone, because I think a lot of us will have endless wishes too... :P

who would i bring to an island???

Aiyor... This Island Tag from Christene is a big headache. Where should I find so many sisters and brothers to bring alone to the island???? I will be so lonely!!! So, no matter how, I will have to grab or kidnap someone along, well, at least one... Let's see who should I kidnap...

1. SSS1979 aka Nicole, arr... this girl is not working also-wor. Should be able to tag along-lar, hor? And by the way ah Christene, I am not siew-lai-lai lar, I am just a "housewife" or cantonese saying "wong min poh".

2. Becky's mum, hoi... can go island together all the way from neverland, oops, Netherlands....

3. Mandy, wanna join eh?

4. Michele Sau, haven't done this, have you? then we go along lar k?


Naomi's first time in church...

I have a daughter who doesn't like to take nap. Everyday, I mean, EVERYDAY, I have to do all sort of things, singing, rocking, breastfeed lying down, trying to get her to take her naps... What works today may not works tomorrow, one of the feature of high need baby. She could stay awake for 3 whole hours and get very very cranky after she got too tired. And of course, my mood will not be too nice also.

Yesterday was the first day I brought Naomi to church. As usual, she refused to sleep no matter how papa Sze and me did. Well, it was actually ok if she didn't want to sleep. We are happy enough to cuddle her in our arms but NO, she was so so so so noisy, and was the only baby who made so much noise in the baby room (there were about another 5 babies). She just cried and screamed. We had no choice but to leave 10 minutes earlier before the service ended. Then she refused to stay put in the car seat, screamed like no tomorrow. I picked her up and let her sat on my lap, 2 minutes later, she dozed off straight. Then only I put her down into the car seat. This is one thing I will not want to give in; she has to sit inside the car seat all the time while the vehicle is moving. Well, we got a peaceful lunch though. Thank God for that.

So, will I still bring her to church? Definitely YES. :)


Not good...

My dearest hubby has been reminding me to update my blog... argh... writing is really not my style... I can talk and talk and talk (ya-lar, I was a trainer-mah, what I needed to do was keep talking , so that people wouldn't notice me being so nervous out there.) So, I am actually good at talking. But-hor, I am actually a very shy person. I normally won't talk so much to stranger and I never make first move to get to know a friend. I am always scared of being rejected. So, my hubby always said I made my first move to court him but how could that be, right? I am a shy person...

So, back to not good at writing, see, I've written so much and still I don't have a point to write about. Guess this is just about me being not good at writing. Another boring post.

Nevermind, you still read till this far.

Thank you very much for reading.


Naomi is pretty smart, she always know how to manipulate her mummy to get what she wants. Like, she wants to suckle on my boobs to sleep, she wants to be cuddle all the time, etc. And if I didn't give in, she will scream very loud, and she knows I cannot stand her screaming. The Ferber method of let baby "cry it out" is definitely not working for me. People around me have been telling me that I have to discipline my child, I should let her cry for a while and don't cuddle her too much.... But, I can't do it, I am a mother, and that's my baby, I don't have the heart to ignore her cry and her needs. Frankly, I don't think any mother should.

Talk about "discipline", which comes from Latin "to teach". So, it should be teaching the baby, and baby learns, not ignoring the baby and let her cry till she has no more strength.


Lazy, I have been just lazy to write anything... I wish my brain could just stop functioning for 8 whole hour, just let me rest....

Naomi, could you please not waking up at 6am and seek for attention? At least, 8am, that will be very nice...

Velcro baby

I read from the "Mother & Baby" magazine, there's thing call "velcro baby" or "high-need" baby. And I really think Naomi is considered as one.

So, what's the feature of a high-need baby? Here goes :

1) Can't be put down - crave being held and touch. (Naomi will yell non stop till you pick her up)

2) Seperation sensitive - slow to warm up to strangers or new place. (Chinese New Year was a nightmare to me when we went back to hometown up north, she scream and scream and scream when other relatives carried her, and stuck on me only all the time)

3) Demanding - demands instant gratification for attention, feeding or carrying. Loudly. (Hrm... I think the whole block of residents know that there's a baby in this unit because Naomi always cry out so loud for attention or feeding, like she's in so much pain, and she actually'd stop immediately after we pick her up or stuff my breast into her mouth.....)

4) Frequent feeder - tends to demand more feed than usual because breastfeeding is comfoting as well other than the source of nutrition. (I have to keep running in and out the room at night because she kept waking up looking for her nan-nan, or her walking pacifier)

5) Intense - Everything she does is pronounced. Cries loudly, feeds voraciously and protests powerfully. (Bingo! Naomi is all of the mentioned above)

6) Sleeps differently - due to her curiosity and awareness, high-need babies need help falling asleep and when they do, tend to awaken frequently. (Naomi's nap time will only be 45 mins longest in the day and she had not once fall asleep on her own, either mummy rock her on the arms or grandma cradle and swing... our hands are about to be paralised)

7) Slow to wean - besides breastfeeding frequently, high-need babies are notoriously to wean. (That I am yet to find out, have no plan to wean her till at least 1 year-old)

8) Unpredictable - what works to comfort her today may not work tomorrow. (Ha! That's why me and my mum have to take turn to put her to sleep, she wants different styles all the time!)

See, she just fit into all the symptoms! But I am not upset over it all because the expert also says, " You may not have to feel that at teen age, she won't be close to you because the baby you couldn't put down, the toddler who clung to you and the child who shadowed you has learnt to trust you, depend on you and go to you for help when needed."

Of course there are still other good points of a high-need baby but most of all, this is the most important to me.

Stuck on me.

4 months

Naomi is 4 months old today!

My mum, granny and sister in law all said that I need to let Naomi has a taste of meat at 4 months of age. Some old people saying that this way baby I am yet to find out. None of them know why. So I will update here if I found out later, or if anyone knows, tell me k?

So I did, no harm though. Not that I let her eat the meat, just let her hold the chicken drumstick and taste it, it's a plain steam chicken with no any additional flavour added to it. And she LOVES it so much that when my mum took away the chicken, she actually wasn't very happy with that.

Anyway, I certainly do not hope that she will turn out to be a carnivore like her mum, an omnivore will be perfect. :P I guess I will have teach her to take cucumber and carrot as snack, not "mamee" or "twisties" like her father and mother do. OOhhh, it will be hard, won't it?

So far, I have only seen one kid, who is Trinity my darling niece, would yell "Yummy!!!!" to the cucumbers and "Kai Lan" vegetable.




Seriously, I have no idea what to write except Naomi, not boring meh?

Just blah....

I love blogs hopping but used to not having a blog myself. Reading others' interesting blogs is so much fun. And now I have a blog of my own, I can't think of much things to write except for Naomi. Com'on, my life is all about Naomi nowadays. Looking after her myself and because of breastfeeding, I seldom leave her with anyone else. So, everything happened in my daily life now is all about Naomi. That's why I can only write more about Naomi. I seriously envy about those bloggers who have brilliant ideas to write about and most of them are very good at writting and expressing. Me, never an expressive person, not in real life too.

Papa Sze always commented that I am an amiable person, not expressive enough and can't be a good manager. I seriously agree with him. I used to work, my relationship with my subordinates was very good, sometimes it was too good that they didn't take me seriously. It was not a good sign to a superior. And I quitted. No no no, that's not the reason I quitted. It was because of Naomi again... Though I feel like working again, what about Naomi?

So, it's all about Naomi....


I was happily taking my girl to shopping mall the other day. Naomi was sitting in the prem, she was wearing a pink romper, wrap in a pink blanket which has "Thanks heaven for this little girl" wording. As we walked into one of the boutique, the sales girl greeted us with her "sunshine-style" face with a really big smile. And she noticed my baby girl, and then she said very loud with her very sharp tone," Ohhhh, cute little baby... A girl or a boy??" I was a bit taken aback, thinking "are you blind, she's wearing all pink!"... and I really feel like answering her, " a boy, I just like my son to be cross sexual. I think that's fun to dress up my son in all pink..." But I just walked out the store with a smile...

So insensitive!

Doesn't she look like a girl?


Five Wishes I have for me and family

I got this meme from 5xmom and NicoleSSS. Thanks to them, I got no one else to tag but still, I've twisted the 5 wishes for Lilian's kids to 5 wishes for me and family.

Let’s have a parent’s meme then.

My five wishes :
1) Papa Sze's work will be smooth and less stressful (as so he won't be in bad mood all the time.)
2) Papa Sze's work to be closer in Asia so that we get to spend more time together as a FAMILY
3) Naomi to grow up healthy and cheerful
4) Naomi will sleep through the night (lesser feeds at night, say 4 to 5 hour each feed? too much? No?)
5) The digit on the weighing scale will be lesser each time I stand on it.

Now, I want to tag five parents (yeah I wish) and hope they pass on this feel good mommy/daddy’s wish for their children. But since I have not many on the list to tag, I will go for whoever I have...

Oooh I found one, allthingspurple , since you mentioned in your blog that you love meme. :)

The Side Effects....

Naomi is not feeling very well today. Probably from the injection yesterday. She looks very tired and not giving me her smiles so much like usual.

She has been passing motions like.... 6 or 7 times? Mum said it is normal for baby to make poo poo this many times after the injection. Ah, it breaks my heart to see her bottom turning redish... :(

She will be taking all the vaccinations available in the market for infant, I guess. Which mean I have to pay visit to doc's clinic like, every month until she turn 18 months, well, that's what the doc said. But does she have to suffer from all the side effects from those vaccines every month?

Poor poor Naomi....


Poor poor Naomi....

Today we went to take her injection of Polio + DTP +Hib vaccines. I was so worry that Naomi would cry out so loud like last time, but surprisingly, she was very good. My mum was holding her hands while the doctor cruelly poke the needle into Naomi's thigh, and she only made the "ngek negk" sound for 3 seconds, then she's fine. After my mum picked her up, she could still smile at her. And I was so proud of her. Where was I? Oh, I was somewhere far far away from the bed, I just couldn't take it, heartache-mah.

Naomi is 7.4kg and 66cm in length. Pretty big baby, but she is not overweight, just on the right dot. :)

My precious!

Everyday, i am having this little problem with blogging... So sian-nya, but never mind, perseverance will pay off, just like breastfeeding, No?

Naomi is 3 months, 2 weeks and 5 days old today. She is very cheerful and getting smarter each day. Still rejecting all kind of feeding methods except for direct breastfeeding. I didn't have the heart to starve her, whenever I saw her looking at me, crying so pityful, I just gave in everything. Sigh... Papa Sze has been complaining about me spoiling her, but he just bought her 10 dresses and 5 toys. Hmmm, who spoil her more?

Problem... still...

The HTML problem... that's it. Sometime it works and sometime not. The slide show cannot be updated as the new HTML code wasn't readable... even though the whole thing pasted in the content form, but still the error message turned out "content cannot be blank....." or something like that.

So, I pray to God that the HTML thingy or whatsoever, will be ok very soon, by itself.


Ok, the small small icons are still here....

Hubby, papa Sze, is a person who hate shopping more than anything else in the world. Everytime he accompany me to mall, he will ask me what I need before we leave home, and when we reach the mall, I can only look for the things i mentioned, not other things, or his face will turn charcoal colour. So I normally do shopping alone.

Papa Sze is now in Bangkok, yeah, shopping heaven! I thought he'd be hiding in his hotel room all the time as usual. This time round, he actually went out to Chatuchak Market, twice, yes, you hear me right, 2 times, to buy dresses for his baby girl, Naomi. And he actually told me "Honey, I never know shopping for daughter is so much fun!" And when I asked if there's anything for me, the answer was " Isn't Naomi our priority now?" D*mn, I hate it when he's right. And he actually bought 10 dresses for Naomi.

Too bad I can't be with him there for his Bangkok project, Naomi is only 3 months plus, too small to walk around in the biggest market with a prem or sling. It's just too hot for the weather.

Com'on Naomi baby, fast fast grow up and go shopping with mummy! You will love it!

Finale?? Not yet....

Finally, I get to write something again! Yoohoo.... Just when I thought I have to give up my 4 days of blogging life...

Somehow the small small icons on a bar on the posting page (yes yes, compose mode) are missing! And the post i wrote all gone blank after I clicked on the "publish", only the title left. I kept trying and trying and trying but still they didn't turn up anymore. God knows how, they all just came back all of a sudden today. And I am not sure when will they gone missing again, so quickly, I write down something.

5th days of blogging, nothing much about motherhood yet, more about a techie idiot trying to figure out the blogging world. Well, this idiot is just doing fine till now, except for the lost post issue. But at the mean time, all good.... And may this endure for long long time.... I pray to God that the small small icons won't go missing again.....

New Member...

Nope, not mine. She is my niece, a new member to FOO's clan, Magdelina. It's so great that Naomi has another playmate beside Trinity and Angelina. Next time, 4 of them could do shopping together, dating together, have wedding together... ok ok too far, too far...
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