some updates....

Oh the lazy spirit creep up on me again...

Well, i have been partly lazy, partly free in front of the pc doing something else except blogging.

Oh I fell in love with Pinterest, so many things to see, to learn and they are beautiful stuff. let me know if you want an invitation email.

Leah grew up well, from a food reject-er to now a tong sampah. She basically eat most of the food we eat and she eats on her own at 21m. But she absolutely hate toufu. Other than changing in her eating habits, she learns to speak a lot, and sing some nursery rhymes, missed out a few words but still pretty clear. Still a very shy girl.

Naomi is able to pick up a few words on her own when reading. She tries very hard, I know. I love her when she tries even though she still can't read much. Her effort is worth my praise. At some point I was seriously suspecting Dyslexia but she is only 4+, I don't wanna put too much pressure on her, yet(:P).

Both the girls are enjoying their sisterhood. Naomi is an amazing big sister. They do fight over things but Naomi is always the one that give in to Leah. Naomi cares for her sister a lot, and very protective. I took them to some play-land and Naomi would take care of her sister most of the time rather than just having fun with her friends. She does make me a proud mama!

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