Leah @ 11 months old...

from the previous post, it's more than a month... Having a 2nd kid in my life feels like having triplets. Both are so .... just so.... kids!

To be fair, I should jod down bits about Leah...

Leah was sick for the past 3 days, high fever, green stool, vomit... was worried sick about her, didn't sleep as she has been really cranky. She wasn't an easy baby, with fever and all, she was even more difficult to handle. Leah, read this in another 20 years time. I need to ROCK you in my arms to sleep every night!

@ 11 months old, Leah is pretty cheerful. Still very very very manja, especially to gong-gong. She is very close to my father, at some point I think he is her favorite person. I am just a milk bottle to her..... :(

She starts to fight with Naomi for things she wants, if she didn't win, cry out loud. Very loud.

She kiss good bye properly now. She can say Kai-kai so clear, and Bye bye very clear, the rest, still babbling. Got to guess a few sometimes...

She is 7.8kg and 74cm. 2 kg lighter compare to Naomi at the same age.

accepting more solid food but very fussy eater, got this from mummy I guess.

Time flies, she is turning one in few weeks time. I still remember the day I went into hospital, imaging her look.... and now, she is 11 months old... Love you baby!
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