Naomi is 28 months old...

It's an back dated post. Naomi is 28 months old on 14/3/2009. She's been a very good girl since the morning sickness started. Before I found out I am pregnant, she's been just clingy and annoyed. After the morning sickness kicked in, I realized that she could be so understanding and so sweet. Every time, after I threw up in the bath room, she will quickly call my mum or hubby to get me a glass of warm water. Every night, she reminds me to take my folic acid. I'm so pleased to see her being such a sweet little girl.

She is pretty much ok with the baby news. She actually showed excitement to be a "jie jie" soon. She is a big girl now. She does her stuff most of the time, she put on/off her clothes by herself, she eats with us on the table on her own. She is 100% diaper free. Never wet once on the bed! I am very very proud of my little girl!

An unexpected gift from above...

We received this pleasant surprise from God... :)

I am now about 9 weeks pregnant and I am having bad nausea. Praying hard that it will go off real soon.

Sorry for not visiting your blogs so often anymore. I hardly visit my own too....


Naomi's Painting...

One of Naomi's favorite activity is the art time with Daddy.... yeah, it had to be daddy, because mummy can't draw. Normally, daddy would outline a picture and Naomi do the painting. And yesterday, Naomi's tremendous improvement seriously gave us a shock! She painted so carefully, tried so hard not to paint outside the line... Well, all the blue color parts was helped by daddy... pink, definitely her's.

She asked her daddy to cut out the painting and stick them on the wall. It's been 3 days, she refused to let us take them down, she is absolutely proud of her works!

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