Journey to Singapore....

Here we are, safe and sound in Singapore. It wasn't that tough at all. Well, only for the short journey, I will not consider going to Mexico with Naomi, no way I am going there alone, no no no.

So, we took a noon flight. Naomi didn't sleep for 6 hour before we board the plane and that actually saved my life. Naomi was really noisy when we were at the boarding area. She wanted to get down and climb on the floor and I stopped her from doing do. Dirty, right? After we board the plane, Naomi was a bit frustrated, too tired I guess. Then she started to ask to be breastfed, and I did while the aircraft was taxi-ing, and she felt asleep just right before the take off. And amazingly she slept all the way to Singapore till we landed. I thank God for that. :)

She was really happy to be with aunty Nicole and Trinny jiejie, she just made herself at home.

An adventure....

We are going to Singapore tomorrow. Just me and baby, pray hard for me, that Naomi will be a good girl all the way. Though short journey but she can be really "loud"!

Naomi, behave, k?

Naomi's Birthday Party...

So, we had an early celebration when Papa Sze is around. I dressed her up in her 1 year old dress, supposed to wear it on the exact date, but never mind.

We had a simple party, just the 3 of us and Papa Sze's parents and 2 brothers and a future sister in law. I put up some pooh bear bunting on the wall and Naomi was very happy to see them! :)

I wasn't in time to get a pretty cake for Naomi, since the cake is for us to eat and for Naomi to see, so I got this Chocolate Amer from Bakerzin. We love this cake very much, really yummy, and flourless, very choooocalate!

Papa Sze's Leaving...

Papa Sze will be going to Mexico for work for 9 weeks. Heartache for 3 of us. Naomi is so used to see daddy every morning when she's awake. Papa Sze was having early conference meeting and woke up much earlier than Naomi this morning. When she was awake, she actually said "daddy" for few times. That make both our hearts more painful to see her looking for daddy.

We have not been apart for so long after Naomi was born. Papa Sze has been working around in Asia that he got to come home every weekend or every two weeks. Mexico is too far to come home that frequent. It is about 35 hour including the transit time.... too far, can't bring Naomi along. I, will faint.

So, we'll have an early birthday party for Naomi because next month Papa Sze won't be around. Sigh.... I gonna miss him so so much...

Life's so unpredictable...

Sigh... My deepest condolence to you, Lorraine. Her grandpa just passed away about a week ago. It was so sudden. She sms and told me that her grandpa was discharged from the hospital after a heart attack but 2 days later, she called and said her grandpa was gone, peacefully.

I was really shock to hear that. It made me call my parents instantly who's in oversea to tell him I love them so much.... I started to tell my husband if there's anything happened to me, promise me to take good care of Naomi and my parents. I was looking at Naomi and tears start running down, how could I leave her?

Oh my god I am so emotional. Life's so unpredictable, please treasure everyone around everyday....

Baby Einsteins DVD....

A nice lady bought this whole set of 23 DVDs of Baby Einstein which they claim to make babies smarter for me from Australia. I am very thankful but I personally do not encourage baby to spend too much time on TV. I think babies are born to interact in order to learn.

Anyway, I still tried to put 1 or 2 to let her watch. Unfortunately(or luckily), she didn't like it at all. She kept turning away. She'd look for her picture books and want me to talk and explain to her everything in the picture books. She is pretty good with recognising the pictures. She can point out more than 20 pictures in the book though it's been only 1 month plus I started with her.

So, for the set of Baby Einsteins DVDs, it will be in the drawer for as long as it could be......

Tag - 5 Links...

Ok, got this tag twice, from my dear cousin Ruth and the wonderful daddy Tutiger. Thanks!


1. Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given below.

2. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

3. Don’t forget to read the archived post and leave comments.


Link ONE must be about FAMILY: Family Reunion
The whole family lives in different places, I mean, including the husband and wife! It is so tough for us to get together. This got to be my favourite!

Link TWO must be about FRIEND: Encouragement
Ahh... with friend's encouragement, I endure my blogging life till today...

Link THREE must be about YOURSELF: Frozen Numbers....
I can write this a thousand times. The numbers are the same! So spooky :P

Link FOUR must be about YOUR LOVE: My very first yummy mummy's day
My Naomi and my Man on my first mother's day

Link FIVE can be ANYTHING YOU LIKE: Over over over spent....
It's about shopping, so love shopping......

Ok, here comes the tough part. To tag....
1)The new parents - i still owe you one tag. :P
2)allthingspuprple - you are always on my list

Enough lar....

Naomi is 11 months old!!!!

Naomi is 11 months old. See, very cheerful. :)

Ok Ok, finally get to change it to a bigger picture... :)


Awesome Threesome

After McD.... It's good, but unhealthy. I need to restrict this unhealthy fast food from the house before Naomi realised they exist. Hm....

Ok, I got this Tag from Sean (not my hubby yeah, he doesn't blog). So it's about Awesome Threesome (hey, the serious one....)

Let’s get started:

Three things that scare me
Bad health
No money

Three people who make me laugh
Papa Sze
My dad

Three things I love

Three things I hate
Again, Fat

Three things I don’t understand
HTML coding
Naomi's sleeping pattern

Three things on my desk
Naomi's toys

Three things I am doing right now
Writting this post - lar
Watching channel V
walking in and out to check on Naomi

Three things I want to do before I die
See Naomi get married
Hold my grandchild
Love my family more and more each day

Three things I can do
Sing to Naomi in public
Sing to Naomi non-stop for 1 hour
Sing to Naomi the same song for 1 hour

Three things I can’t do
Say No to good food
Leave Naomi for more than 2 hour

Three things you must listen to
God's word
Parents kind advices

Three things you should never listen to
Busy body who just want to wait for a good show to start
when there are too many advices

Three shows I watched as a kid
Mickey Mouse & Friends

Now, tag three awesome person....

Misha's Mum

My life is back...


It was back today afternoon, after the kindest technician came to my house to get it fixed! He did mentioned the problem, arr.... the port, the line, got problem, then try to sort it back then, that's all I can understand. Anyway, who cares, MY INTERNET IS UP AGAIN!!!!!!

So we had McDonald tonight, so happy!

Starbucks again!

Here I am in Starbucks again. A lot of people are really busy, everyone on the table has got a laptop and they look really busy. Well, me too, but I am just being bored. And with Naomi beside me having a cuppa(water in her sippy cup), how cool is that? Naomi is the only baby here. And her scream does get lots of attention. No, I am not proud of this kind of attention, ok?

Seriously, is everyone really this busy? Or most of them are just like me? I peeped on the screen beside my table, ha, that guy is chatting on MSN... let me see, the other one, ooohh.... surfing for japanese animation, there another one chatting too on skype,... so see, i am not the only one who spent RM10.50 just to kill some time...

Internet Down....

Broadband service has been down at my place for many many days.... My life almost ended on the day the internet "died". The management people said the service will only be back probably in another week or two... I couldn't stand it anymore!!! So here I am in Starbuck Coffee writting this short post with Naomi screaming in the pram. Gosh, people must be thinking this mummy's business must be real important that she could ignore her baby's scream.

So peeps, I know it's rude not to reply comments. See, I am not doing it on purpose. Will do all the tags and blog hopping again when the internet service back alive....

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