Naomi pre-birthday celebration!

Another 2 weeks plus to go, Naomi will be 2 years old.... during Naomi's birthday, we will be in ShenZhen China, therefore before we leave, we have a small birthday party for her with our own relatives in KL. So happened grandma(naomi's great grandma is in town), she was absolutely happy to see so many people. Too bad, relatives of Papa Sze have to go back to hometown, else it would be merrier. We couldn't postpone our date as the cake that Naomi chose, she couldn't accomodate with other date except for today, so, that left us no choice.

Papa Sze couldn't join us physically but through skype... It was a great birthday party but without a maid... I think I should really consider throwing a party in McDonald's next time....

"I'm all set to have my 2nd birthday!"

"Mummy, can I touch...."

"This is my ah-tai(great grandma)

"This is my poh poh (grandma)and I miss gong gong"

"My one and only mummy dearest...."

This is my ah mah (grandma) and ah gong (grand-dad)

"and yay! These are MYYYY presents...."

"Yeah.... unwrap the presents! And we having the same pyjamas mummy..."

"Thank you gong gong, poh poh, ah gong, ah mah, uncle su zhuan, uncle su yu , aunty winnie, aunty nicole, uncle rn, uncle raymond, aunty yee nan, trinity, angelina and magdelina for all the lovely presents"
"thank you uncles and aunties for your generous ang pow...."
"oh, and thank you mummy and daddy too for everything!"

Naomi is sick, again!!!!!

What happened baby??? You were sick 3 weeks ago and you are having fever again last night??? Mummy is really really worried about you!!!!

Thanks mummy dearest!

I've been too pampered!

My maid has gone home from KL to Indo...and I am so helpless... Mum, thanks for being around. I am very grateful for my mum to sacrifice herself, her husband(my dad is alone in Ozland with my sis) to help me out when everything is so chaotic especially when Naomi is having fever now, again! Oh mum you have to come with me to ShenZhen. It is so good to have someone around when sh*ts happened!

So no maid, I have to do the house chores, ok -lar, my mum helps half of them... hehehe, thanks mummy dearest, you are the best!

I am not sure if I will do the same to Naomi though.....

Naomi is 23 months old....

Ah... time flies, another months to go, she will be 2 years old....

Naomi at 22 months++....

Afew days more to be 23 months old. She speaks very well... a lot of people who have met her would comment about she speaks a lot for her age. So another word for it, a chatter box.

She is more towards left hander, I guess she is more of an artistic person, Muahahahaa... She recognised most of the colors, red, black, blue, yellow, white, green, pink, purple, grey, orange, brown, silver, beige... and her favorite is Pink, and she assigned colours to each of us... she is very good with colours.

She knows 1-10, but she doesn't really like to learn ABC, she can speak out A-Z but she can only memorise very few of them, O, A, U,Y.... but she is very good with story telling. The books that I used for story telling, she can pick the book and know exactly what the story is. Sometime she will tell me the stories in broken pieces, but still good, for her age.

She sings lots of songs. A lot, from nursery rhymes to children christian songs, from english to chinese, a lot of them. Her favorite should be "wee willie winkee" , "twinkle twinkle little star" and "jesus loves me"... because she always sings them...

She gives excuses. When I asked her to come down to walk by herself, or I don't want to carry her, she'll say :" mummy, I am sick, I can't walk...." when she's perfectly healthy. When I asked her to go to sleep, she'll say :" No mummy, I need to say good night to po po first...." when po po is not in the house. Then I'll have to call po po and she will not want to put down the phone... lots of excuses...

She speak Chinese more than English, because I speak Chinese to her more. However, it seems easier for her to pick up English than Chinese.....

My cheeky girl.... very cheeky

Naomi was sick again...

Naomi was down with fever again 3 days ago due to viral infection, could be viral gastroenteritis. Her fever was so high at 38.5c and doesn't really come down.... I was worried sick!

Yesterday was her 3rd day of fever, afternoon around 6pm, her body was shivering, the whole body was so hot and she kept sleeping, Papa Sze, poh poh and I rushed her to hospital emergency immediately and found out her temperature was at 40c at that time! I did blame myself for being so careless, I forgot to take her temperature at home, with this high fever, she could get seizure! The MO immediately admitted her, and this was Naomi's first time introduced to tylenol sepositories (the medicine that insert through bum bum) The Paed came around 9, wanted to put her on drip but I refused to as her temperature started to come down. I seriously don't want my girl to be traumatised! Blood test was scarry enough for her! Naomi was crying so much asking to go home, we decided to be "on leave" from the hospital. We had the doctor to sign the paper and we went home to sleep. And by that time, it was 11pm....

Her fever came back slightly around 4am, I fed her paracetamol and continued to monitor her. Thank god, the fever didn't come back anymore after that.

The next morning, we rushed back to hospital, met the paed, and we were allowed to discharge. Naomi is all cheerful and active and very loud again today!

And in just 1 day, we spent over RM1k for all these... the Paed consultation fee and ward visit was totaled at RM740! My goodness, DSH is supposed to be this expensive????
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