Naomi is 17 months old....

She is 17 months old, still breastfed.

A lot of nice people has been giving me good intention comment to wean her off. Well, first of all, WABA says it is good to breastfeed baby till 2 years old... and 2nd, it's not that I DON'T want to weat her off, I COULDN'T. She just won't stop crying if I do not offer her my breast. She is still rejecting all kind of feeding method, or she is just rejecting all kind of milk. I have even try to give her whole milk from the box. Nope, no luck still....

So, I can only wait for her to wear herself off..... it shouldn't be long... right?

Trinity's visit....

Trin was here with Gong Gong for 2 weeks during her school break. Since they moved back to Melbourne from Singapore, we can hardly see each other. I miss them so much, so does Naomi. Naomi asked about Trinny Jie Jie, Gong gong, Da Yi(aunty), almost everyday. Sigh... why are they staying so far away????

During her visit, we went to Aquaria in KLCC, not bad, a bit expensive though.

Then we went to Disney on Ice as well. It was pretty simple for the setup. But kids are surely enjoying it.

Then of course we won't miss the regular Kizsports and Gym in 1 Utama. Trinny and Naomi love there so so much! That's my usual hang out place with Naomi when we have got nothing better to do. :)

Then we have some relatives coming over with 2 other boys... my goodness, my house was in a mess! And the noise... I surrendered.

But I miss them a lot... I miss having my dad and trin, and Naomi is very excited to play with Jie Jie everyday...

Sigh... it's so quiet without them.

Oh, my girl is approaching 17th month, she is so talkative and can sing HALF of the "bah bah black sheep" :P

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