TV during meal time?

I am not a mother who against TV, in fact, I am a lousy mum who always let my kid watch TV until my kid know almost all the animation characters....

However, I will never allowed my kid to watch TV, at the same time, eating. This is definitely a NO NO to me. No matter how Naomi refused to take the solid food last time, I didn't give in by letting her eat in front of the TV.

Until today, Naomi only eats on dining table, and she always turn off TV whenever I say meal time which I think is a very good practice, kid gets to see what she is putting into her mouth instead of some mouse and duck and dog's faces on TV.

However, today at Ikano Power Centre, I saw a parents with a maid and a about 3 years old boy were eating at one of the food place. And to my horror, the maid was feeding the boy with a portable DVD player ON!!!!! Is it necessary??? He won't die skipping one meal if he doesn't want to eat! I was so shocked!

Do parents need to go to that extend to spoil a child? Bringing a portable player everywhere you go? I can understand if the player is only for parents to get some peaceful time to get to have a gathering session with relatives or friends which normally last longer. But this is only a lunch!!! I think this is nut. I am sorry if you are one of the parents like this reading this post, yes, I think you are nut.

Xmas Xmas Xmas....

It's the happiest month of the year! DECEMBER! It means Christmas is near and presents presents presents. Well, it's not as excited anymore because nowadays I have to buy lots of presents instead of receiving lots of presents. However, I still love Christmas atmosphere. So peaceful.

I brought Naomi to a few malls to see the Christmas decoration and of course, to meet Santa. So far we have seen Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion, Ikano, The Curve.

The Santa from Pavilion looks a lot like those from the hallmark card. hehehe. more real. And Naomi actually told "Santa" her wish for Christmas Presents... faint, and I have to start looking for them now. Barbie and room sets and Dora talking kitchen (this one die liao, have to order from US). Sigh... everything for my girls now.

Let me upload some pictures from Pavilion.

At Pavilion, you need to pay RM10 in order to take picture with Santa, but the RM10 will go into Charity, and you get a free 4R picture. :)

Leah @ 6 weeks old...

Leah is 6 weeks old, still not a deep sleeper at night. In fact, a night owl. She just refuse to fall asleep, not by nursing, rocking, patting on the back, nothing! Normally she will make lots of fuss from 12am to about 4am until all of us are really really tired, then only she will sleep soundly. This is going on for 6 weeks... tired.

Other than sleeping problem, she is still an angel. She loves to be carried (I am sure all babies do), and smiles a lot too.

She is born on a smaller size, 2.82kg, and at 6 weeks, she's 4.58kg, definitely catching up!

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