Japanese food...

It's weekend again. We went to return our safety gate in Ikea as it needed to be drilled. Ah, too much trouble, I got another one from a very nice online seller. Here, I wrote about it.

After that, we went to this Japanese Restaurant in Coastal City. It is the biggest Japanese restaurant in Asia, it claims. Indeed, it is huge! The ambience is great, we got a tatami room upstair. It has a huge variety of selection too, and kids friendly as well! They have cute sushi for the little one!

We waited not too long for the food as it wasn't that packed. The food... not fantastic. I expected the food to be as great as the place... and I expected too high I guess.I didn't bring along my camera, so I took the pictures with my 2.0 mega pixel handphone, hence, the pictures are not so clear....


Kai kai ...

So we went kai kai in Nan Shan Coastal City yesterday. It is a very nice mall to walk around, but too bad they don't have a place like Kidsport & Gym there. Or else, I will go there very very very often. There's a jusco there as well, quite a good selection of imported food from Japan. However, I couldn't find safety gate here, saw it in Ikea but it needs to be drilled which I am not sure the landlord will be comfortable about it. So I will need to find something like Safety 1st which only use pressure.

And today, we went out again. We went to Central Walk in Futian. And here, I found a playland here which Naomi likes to go. Though this mall is not as great as Coastal City (my opinion), but at least it has a place where Naomi enjoy herself very much.


@ ShenZhen Part II

1 week in ShenZhen, everything seems better. The first 2 days of arrival was all chaotic. The house was still messy (although hubby had done a very good job in cleaning up), and other than furnitures, there's nothing else. Not even a spoon.... so we went Ikea for a big shopping!

Ikea in ShenZhen is not as big in KL, the pricing is almost the same after conversion. Well, there're certain things which are cheaper than KL! My coffee cup is only RMB2.50. Which is about RM1.30. Good deal, hor?

Then Naomi was sick for 3 days.... the weather is really really hot here. Then today typhoon pulak....

My shipments from KL is stucked in the custom as I didn't know I have to declare on another form that I have seperate shipments of personal goods. ah... it was all hassle, I have to say this DHL China is so not helpful and the custom... sigh.... usual for government officers lar.

So, shopping is not done yet, hopefully tomorrow there will not be any thunder storm, or else, there goes our shopping trip!

@ ShenZhen......

Here we are in ShenZhen, be with Papa Sze who is working here now for a while...

will update more once we are settled. With the little monkey Naomi around, it makes cleaning job so much tougher!

New toy...

It is seriously a new toy, a new toy for Naomi. I can't resist when she said, "mummy, buy this for Naomi please...." with the look on her face, I just can't say NO. Can't be so cruel, can I?

So this is her new favourite now. I don't mind buying her toys if she would play with it. She's so in love with "ice-cream". Anything that has got "ice-cream" or being an "ice-cream", she loves it. She has got 5 t-shirts with ice-cream pictures on them....

The toy does look adorable, and because it is using velcro, the "ice-cream" wont fall from the "cup" or the "cone" easily. Unlike last time what I used to get her was using a tny magnet. She got so frustrated because the ice-cream kept falling off the cone. This one, Perfect!

First time to Genting...

It was Naomi's first trip to Genting... I know, she is so sua ku, she's been to Singapore, China, Thailand.... but never been to Genting which is only 1 and half hour away....

Needless to say, she loved the place very much. However, she preferred the indoor rides more than those outdoors. She is still too young to appreciate them I guess. We were staying in First world hotel which is closer to the indoor theme park. First World Hotel always give me an impression of small and narrow but the World Club Room is really big, with 2 queen size beds in it, and still got a huge space to put sofa and so.... I guess I will still go there for the room next time. It does come with 2 complimentary breakfast but you can really forget about it, so lousy.

We planned for this many many times, and finally before Papa Sze left the country for work and so happened Gong Gong was in town, we went there for a 2 days 1 night vacation. It was a lovely trip! We will definitely do it again when Papa Sze is back next time!

view from the room

on this choo choo train rides for about 5 times.(non-stop)

very 8.

hyperactive Naomi

with gong gong and poh poh on the ultra super slow, walk-is-faster outdoor choo choo train

slides... everywhere, slides...
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