Leah is 8 months old.

Leah @ 8 months old. Getting more cheeky, more demanding, and more adorable too. :)


to train or not to train...

Naomi has been sleeping on her own for sometimes. However, it's not out of her willingness, she understand that she is a big girl and she needs to show me that she is one. So she didn't really complain about not sleeping with me anymore... (Well, of course I need her to sleep on her own because Leah is sleeping on the other side and I wish to have half of my bed... )

Few days ago, Naomi came to me and asked, " mummy, do I have to sleep on my own forever?"

I said, "well yes darling, you are a big girl now..." then she said,"mummy, sometimes I wish that I could be a baby again, so I can sleep with you again.... " with that pitiful look, I really don't have the heart to tell her to go back to her bed, instead I said," ok, just for tonight, go grab your pillow..."

Looking at her happy face, grabbing her pillow, ran to my bed and fell asleep within seconds, I didn't feel wrong to ask her to sleep with me. I think they were only kid once, I don't think they will want to sleep with me anymore in another 10 years time even if I beg them to... hehehehe

So, do u think to kids need to be trained to be independence?
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