It's been a long time since my last post.... lazy... very lazy. And busy too, plus all the sickness. It was chaotic.

Sister and Trinity came back from Aussie for visit. And we were busy traveling to visit our relatives and "sight-seeing". And just 1 day before they left, Naomi was having stomach virus. On and off till now. Poor baby. And after 2 days, me got the same problem but I was fine in just 2 days and now, my right neck and shoulder are killing me. Went to see a Chinese Sensei and got myself some very very very horrible medicine. Argh!

Back in MY....

It's been really busy back home.... lots of cleaning up, and thanks to my parents who came back to MY earlier, they helped to clean up a lot! And lots of kai kai to go.... yeah, we are free like a bird, we can go anywhere we want now! So I basically take Naomi out everyday!

Naomi is so happy to be in her car seat and listen to her children hymn in the car. She can sing lots of children hymn in full. Sometime I am very impressed, she just sang them to me only I realized she's able to do so.

I am pretty lazy to write... and this is my girl having her favorite ice cream.

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