In loving memory....

Grandma passes away this morning. And it is my birthday today. How should I feel? And tomorrow is dad's 60th birthday. Dad is very very very sad.

This is the only picture I have. Grandma, you will always be in our heart.....

Happy Birthday, Papa Sze!

It is Papa Sze's 31st birthday today. We bought a chocolate amer from Bakerzine and had a small party for our self. The happiest person is Naomi. She just love birthday. She could sing the whole Birthday song and she kissed her daddy and wished him "happy birthday" this morning after I told her it's daddy's birthday today. She blew the candles with her daddy and cut the cake together. I know, I was left out, but no worry, mine will be next week! And we will have another cake just to cheer Naomi up! :P

And evening, Papa Sze and I are blessed to have my mum to help us with Naomi for few hours, so we could go out for a romantic dinner at Vincenzo One Bangsar. The food was ok... not impressive but the ambience was nice, it was casual and cozy, very nice for a relaxing night.

Hapy birthday, honey!

Naomi is 19 months...

Naomi is 19 months old. She is off my breast for a week now, I miss breastfeeding her so much. She still asked once a while but she will just switch to ask me to make her milk immediately. She did not cry anymore. She accept formula milk with a lil bit of low sugar chocolate powder. At least she is taking some milk. So I don't mind that tiny bit of choc.

She is very active, very talkative and very cheeky still! I just found out that she knows Papa Sze's chinese name which really surprise me! I've never taught her about our name, she just pick it up because my mum always call Papa Sze by his chinese name. And if you ask her how mummy calls daddy, she will answer "Haaaa niiii!" really loud! hehehehe

My little precious

Naomi is quite tall now. Took her for her routine injection today and she was such a wonderful girl. She only ngek for 2 seconds and that's it. She was all active again, She even waved bye bye and blew a kiss for the doctor, not bad!
She is 84cm and 10.9kg today.

Naomi can say out "A for apple" "B for boy" "C for car" "D for doughnut" "E for egg" "F for fish" until "I for ice cream" and a few more like O and U and Y... She counts 1-10 too and that was 2 weeks ago that she picked that up.
Good girl, Naomi. Mummy is very proud of you.

My shopaholic brat...

Naomi is very picky on clothes, food, everything....

She sometimes choose her own clothes, her shoes to wear, her book to read, her DVD to watch.... And today we went to Ikano and mum thought Croc's shoes are pretty comfy, so we went in to get her a pair.

Naomi saw a pair of Dora shoes on the shelve and insisted to put them on. And so I did, oh, that was a wrong move. She didn't want to take it off anymore!!! So I ended up paying for the expensive Croc shoes for her. And she was so happy with the shoes and refused to take it off after we got home.

Gosh, what a daughter have I gotten myself?


Naomi is finally weaned....

It was a tough decision to wean Naomi off breastfeeding. It just happened, because I have to, both my nipples are sore and cracked and they are just too painful to be Naomi's pacifier.

So, I was frustrated of Naomi constant waking up to look for "nen nen" in the middle of the night. I just ignored her out of frustration and soreness. After 10 minutes of whining and whirling, she stopped. And surprisingly, she slept through till morning. And the next day she woke up, she didn't ask either. So I just went with the flow, kept distracting her on other things, and the whole day she wasn't breastfed once.

At night was a bit tough, when it's bed time, she used to latch on to sleep. I went cold turkey on her, she was crying very bad, for 20 minutes, slept of tiredness. And woke up a few times a night whining but she wasn't crying. I can't describe my heartache... it was painful to see her cry like that.

The next day again, she asked a few times for "nen nen" but I managed to distract her to something else.

And that night on the bed, she asked me "mummy, nen nen?"
"no darling...." I answered.
"mummy pain pain......" She said it herself, and hugged me.
Then she asked me to sing her "baa baa black sheep, before I finished the song, she already closed her eyes and sleep. And that's it, she was weaned and didn't wake up in the middle of the night....

I was so touch by her understanding behavior. What a sweet little angel. I thought the whole weaning process will be very tough, it took me by surprise that it was only one night! Well, she still ask, to try her luck, but she won't cry anymore after I say no.

So, Naomi was last breastfed on 5/6/2008, 1.08am. And it has become a history.

I seriously miss breastfeeding my baby girl, so much...


Pictures say a thousand words....

Yes, yes, I am lazy to write.

This is my little brat....

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