updates updates....

So, I have lots and lots to update.... feel so sorry for Leah, she has reached so many of her milestone and this lazy mama didn't even note down any.

Flip over : 3 months +
Sitting up unaided :5 months
Crawling on 4 : 6 months 3 weeks
Sit up from crawling : 7 months

First tooth : mummy has got no idea when did that happened, when I checked, I saw 2 lower teeth already there, super blur. Should be around 6 months 3 weeks+

As of today, I saw another front tooth on top is sprouting, no wonder she's been really difficult to handle these few days and diarrhea as well. But she is still very active.

She is getting more cheerful. However, still not very friendly to strangers, unlike Naomi. Naomi was a very easy going baby that would smile at ANYONE. Yes, almost anyone, black brown white yellow, she will just smile, easily gets people's heart. Leah is a total opposite, she would cry if stranger tries to get a bit closer.

Food, she accepts solid way much better than Naomi. She could finished about 20ml of puree each meal while her sister at this age, didn't accept solid at all.

She is very much attached to me. She will be jealous if she see Naomi sitting on my lap, will starts screaming as if she is scolding her sister and quickly crawl towards me.


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