Naomi speaks....

Naomi can say a few simple words, mum-mum(food or eat), nan-nan(milk), bear, mei-mei(beautiful), ball, da-da, ma-mi, po-po(grandma), kai-kai(going out), kak(the maid).... She would point her little finger to wherever she wants to go. Everytime papa sze carries her, she'll point at the front door and she will say kai kai, and then turn back and waves bye bye to everyone. Sigh... my baby... :P

I bought her a picture book today, she immediately recognised the ball and bear in the book. She pointed at them and said the word and I was so amazed that she actually recognised the objects! I might be bias a bit lar, but she's so cleaver.... :P

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Tutiger said...

Your girl is really cute...... btw, where did you buy the piglet costume for her leh? Curious coz I wanna get one for Keith too (He is piggy ma LOL!)

misha's mum said...

she looks like u lar :)

Ruth said...

Clever girl! Naomi looks so cute in this dress :)

chanelwong said...

Don't underestimate her..there is more she can do

The New Parent said...

Hi V--it's such a wonderful time when they're learning their first few words!

Vivianz said...

Tutiger, you can get it in any Mothercare, got tigger and eeyore as well. Tigger will look good on boy!

Mish's mum, I know!

Ruth, hehehhehehe pants.

Chanel, hahahahaha, now i wont dare to underestimate her.

TNP: Yeah, when i first heard her say mama.

chanelwong said... got tag from me..

allthingspurple said...

Awww...Isnt that the cutest piglet you have ever seen?

AShley has a fleece Piglet footed sleepingsuit bought in Disney Store by my girlfriend, but a tad too hot for our Malaysian weather so she only wore it to sleep.

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