Happy belated mother's day!

This is belated one from Mummy in Vain. So sorry, I was away on a short trip to Penang, and that will be updated later.

So what have I done on Mother's Day itself..... Three of us, my sis, my bro and I, we bought our dearest mother a Coach handbag, a Coach wristlet and a Coach mini skinny.... Ok, don't ask about the price.

Then that night, we have some really yummy Greenview Restaurant Salty Egg Crab, ooooh, soooooo yummy. Oh any present for hmm... nope, but I still had a great one! :)

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mama bok said...

Wow..!! fan of Coach eh..??!!?? I wanna buy a bag too.. but i donch have a Coach here.. :(

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