@ ShenZhen Part II

1 week in ShenZhen, everything seems better. The first 2 days of arrival was all chaotic. The house was still messy (although hubby had done a very good job in cleaning up), and other than furnitures, there's nothing else. Not even a spoon.... so we went Ikea for a big shopping!

Ikea in ShenZhen is not as big in KL, the pricing is almost the same after conversion. Well, there're certain things which are cheaper than KL! My coffee cup is only RMB2.50. Which is about RM1.30. Good deal, hor?

Then Naomi was sick for 3 days.... the weather is really really hot here. Then today typhoon pulak....

My shipments from KL is stucked in the custom as I didn't know I have to declare on another form that I have seperate shipments of personal goods. ah... it was all hassle, I have to say this DHL China is so not helpful and the custom... sigh.... usual for government officers lar.

So, shopping is not done yet, hopefully tomorrow there will not be any thunder storm, or else, there goes our shopping trip!

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Ruth said...

Hi! Glad to hear from u from ShenZhen:) How long u will be there?

huisia said...

how is naomi now?? I am in SZ :)

sue said...

Hope Naomi feels better already.. my dad's flight to HK also postponed due to the typhoon.

Mummy to Little Miss Sunshine said...

Hope you have settle well in SZ. *sigh* I miss one shopping kaki liao. Hey, must let me know when you are back in KL ok.

Mommy to Chumsy said... moved to shenzhen already? for how long? i wanted to tell about huisia, as she's there too...heheehe.

Malaika's mummy said...

Not just SZ is hot, HK is very hot too. But it is not as hot as in July. Hope the ooler weather will arrive soon.

KittyCat said...

Be patient...mine was stuck for a whole month or so because I had many English books!!!

Guess the CCP was screening them *very carefully*

So nicelah you, Hui Sia and Chew Lee are within each others' neighbourhoods! Why nobody move to my side one???

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