Welcome Leah....

We have a new member in our family!

Name: Leah Ng Xuen-Yee (黄萱颐)
D.O.B : 16/10/2009
weight : 2.82kg
height : 46.5cm
Head circumstance : 33cm

I had to go for a C-sec due to umbilical cord around baby's neck. Doctor advised I should not wait. I felt very peaceful though Papa Sze couldn't make it home on time to be with me at the operation theater. Papa Sze only make it back 8 hour after Leah was born and he went through so much trouble to get a flight home.

It was a very fast recovery too! I didn't feel any pain after about 8 days. I went out shopping again at 3 weeks and had no problem driving and moving around.

Breastfeeding is a breeze, didn't experience too much problem. Leah latch on well and definitely love being breastfed.

However, Leah doesn't like sleeping. She is awake more than a usual new born and she probably sleeps for only 1 hour each time. She likes to be awake at night from 12am to 4am. My dad and I will have to take turn to carry her, trying to put her to sleep. ARGH! This is still going on and on and on.... when will it end my angel?

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huisia said...

her sleeping pattern will back to normal once she is 3 months old and above. :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Finally!!! haha
Congrats again and a warm welcome to princess Leah (like in Star Wars hehe). You're one cutie pie! Don't worry, Brad didn't sleep from 12-4am too but soon enough, they will grow out of it. I think with Brad he finally snapped out of it when he was about 4-5 weeks.

Daddy, Mummy and Zoe said...

Congratulations and welcome Baby Leah!

KittyCat said...

Congrats!!! I'm still struggling with breastfeeding esp on low milk supply :(

Maybe it's been too long already but Alisa seems to need 2-3 oz formula even after feeding from both breasts.

But then I'm really tired alsolah at home

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