Leah flipped!

Leah flipped over by herself on 6/2/2010, she was 3 months and 3 weeks old.

I put her on the bed after feeding. I wasn't prepare for her to turn over so soon as it happened on Naomi only when she was 5 months old! Leah was trying and trying and trying, this cruel mama was sitting beside laughing at the tiny cutie, then suddenly "whoops" she turned over and lifted her head up high and look at me, smiling... My heart almost melted with that winning smile. :)

after 2 days of practices, she is very fast now. Once I put her down on her back, she will try to turn over. However, she can't manage to flip over from tummy to back, so every time she's on her tummy long enough, she will start calling out loud for help..... and it actually become more work to do when she could just lay on the cot and looking at the mobile.... T_T

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ChloeRuoyi said...

My, she's indeed a very STRONG gal! Chloe also did this at 5 mths+.

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