First time on aeroplane!

Leah experienced her first flight when she was 4.5 months to Melbourne, Australia. Having 2 kids with me, I decided to go for MAS, direct to destination. I do not want to transit anywhere with so many things on my hands!

Leah was pretty cooperative through the 8 hours flight. Didn't cry a bit surprisingly. Probably because of the low pressure in the cabin, she slept pretty long in the bassinet. Thank God for that. I was really nervous the night before thinking how Leah would behave badly in the aircraft. So seems like she is another "angel outside, devil at home" daughter of mine. Naomi really enjoy flying with MAS, with her own tv and unlimited juice, she actually pressed the bell and asked for juice herself... pengsan.

If MAS does fly to ShenZhen, I guess I would opt for it too. The service is so much better than AA.

2 Muaks:

huisia said...

you went there without your mum??

Daddy, Mummy and Zoe said...

Wow...clever Leah. Zoe was jumping around the last trip to Bali.

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