Naomi's pretend play...

Naomi loves role playing games and pretend play.

Yesterday, she was "cooking" at her "kitchen" for quite long... She then took 2 empty plates towards me and said, "here you go, mum". Then i pretended to take it up and straight away "put" into my mouth. She started shouting ,"no mum, that's mine, this one is yours!!!!"

I quickly "spit" out and said," phew, luckily I didn't swallow yet..." She started crying," mum you ruined my cake! "

I went to her "kitchen", pretending to cook her another cake and then passed the plate to her and said, "here, i made u the same one."

Naomi took a look and said," no it's not the same, you didn't put cherry on top." Ok, i pretended to put cherry on top. "no mum, u need to put cream on then only the cherry will stay..... " I then pretended to squeezed the cream. and then she started again," oh mum it's not the yellow cream, it's the pink one!" I said "IT IS PINK!" she argued," it's not this pink, it's light pink!"

Arghhhh, my girl and her imagination!!!

4 Muaks:

Linda said...

haha....i must say Naomi is absolutely a creative girl... XD

Q.Juan said...

agree with Linda, n the mom's to Naomi also absolutely a patient mom.

Wen said...

haha! she is creative and imaginative but quite tough also leh..

Mummy Gwen said...

Hahaha...sounds familiar. Gwen is like that too!

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