Leah @ 1 year old

Well, my little girl Leah turned 1 last month, but this busy(lazy) mama always miss to jod down her milestone.

on Oct 28, Leah finally stood up and walked. Now I am having trouble keeping her still, she is moving non stop, climbing up and down the sofa, stools, walking around the whole house, to the bathrooms, balcony, aiyor, so much work just to watch this little one. Hence I have no time to blog............ =_=

Leah still not talking much, unlike her sister, her sister already shown signs of little miss chatterbox at this age already. She does understand 90% of what we said to her. She always try to express her need by action. i.e. bringing us to washroom after she made no.1; pulling her stroller when she wishes to go out; taking us to kitchen when she needs food; pull up my shirt when she needs to be fed... etc.

She loves nursery rhymes, the song she love most is Old Mcdonald had a Farm and This Old Man. And the DVD she loves most is "wow! that's what I call Nursery Rhymes".

Got her an Ice cream cake from Papagallo. Coastal City ShenZhen.

It was almost 8pm, she was so tired as it had passed her normal sleeping time, 7.30pm. Hence we only got a cranky birthday girl lar.

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Happy Birthday to Leah....

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