This is getting more exciting! Thanks people for the encouraging words of starting my own blog. I have always been a person who needs lots and lots of force in order to get me into something I have no confidence of, and writting is definitely not my thing, especially English is never my primary language. I am scared of being laughed at, shy about my poor vocabulary and a lot of reasons behind...

I have been getting a lot of encouragement lately being a new mum as well, on top of the list is BREASTFEEDING, it wasn't as easy as I saw on those video clips or read from the books. Baby is a human being, an individual, she sometimes does not do what the book says! I had problem getting Naomi to latch on properly for almost a month and there I have sore and cracked nipples for almost a month too! I didn't give up as I want what's best for my girl and thanks to other helpful breastfeeding mummies too! Of course, I was discouraged by a lot of other "good intention" people, kept telling me that maybe I have no enough milk, formula milk is better blah blah blah..... That really hurts.

Encouragement is very important, to everyone in this world, a sick patient, a mother, a stressful employee, a students, a child, a toddler, a baby.... Everyone needs encouragement. So next time, when we are about to object other people, we should not discourage them, try to give them more options so they would feel being encouraged instead of feeling like a total loser.

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mott said...

hey..keep on breastfeeding!! If you got the spirit to do it..don't let anyone tell you otherwise! It's also a nice time to look at her..

I sure miss those "quiet" days.


Vivianz said...

Hey mott,

thanks for the comments... I certainly appreciate them. :)

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