My very very first blog!

After reading so many blogsites and seems like everyone else is blogging, I guess I just have to write something, not to be left out, huh?

I just realised that a SAHM sometime, could really be left out a lot when comes to the social life. I had to rush home to put Naomi to sleep from the Christmas dinner because she was crying so loud in the restaurant refusing to sleep in her prem. I can't go shopping whenever there's a pre-sales going on in Isetan or J.Jusco (oh, not with a baby in that kind of crowd! And I really miss it!). I can't go movie with hubby anymore because Naomi refused to take expressed breastmilk by any feeding method and mummy doesn't have the heart to starve her just over a movie. Well, not to mention any "clubbing" or other "social party"..... A lot of my single friends stop asking me out for a drink or gathering on a weekend night because they knew, my answer will always be "I am sorry, Naomi is too small and shouldn't be exposed to 2nd hand smokes!" or "Next time, when Naomi doesn't take me as her walking pacifier" So, time to make more friends, with kids.

I think I will have to wait at least another year before I could leave her to my mother or mother in law and go somewhere with hubby alone to rest and relax. But God knows if I will want to leave her by then....

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sss1979 aka Nicole said...

Viv, finally you started blogging.. haha.. I am so happy for you. At least now you can start like having diary of Naomi here.

Oh I am 1st to view your blog!! So excited.

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