Naomi is 9 months old...

Naomi is 9 months old!!!!!! :)
Happy 9-month, my baby! :)

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The New Parent said...

Hi V--very cute (and moody) photo. Aren't the months flying by?

Mama BoK said...

Happy 9mth .. Naomi..!!

misha's mum said...

happy 9 months old to you NAOMI!


allthingspurple said...

naomi getting prettier and prettier everyday !

BTW, you got tagged !!!

God's Little Angel said...

Hi Viv,

I agree with Chris, Naomi is becoming cutier and preetier...its all er mama's boobs...all praise due...haahaa!

Viv, I have a tag-ed you!
its a Birthday tag.

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