Rejecting Solid.....

Naomi, when are you going to eat a bowl of porridge or anything????? I am so tired feeding her. She is still not in love with the concept of swallowing. She'll make the vomit face everytime I feed her solid food. Magdelina, her 2-month-younger cousin sister can finish 2 big bowl of porridge. Sigh....

Brought her to paed and he said she does look fine, still active and cheerful. Nothing to worry about. But she's not gaining weight!

I guess I have tried everyway possible, now, I will take Paed's advice. Let her take her own sweet time to get use to it. And I, on the other hand continue to waste a bit of baby food everyday.....

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mama bok said...

Donch you worry..! chloe didn't like solids till very late.. after almost 2 yrs old. When they are ready.. they will be ready i guess.. :)

mott said...

has she tried sweet potatoes? or fruits with oats? You can mill the quick oats until fine powder and mix it with banana or apple/pear puree.

Don't worry..she won't reject it all the time... she'll learn somehow to eat.

plus, perhaps give her less milk so that she'll be a lil more hungry when you try to feed her?

Don't give up yar!

The New Parent said...

Hi V--I had a thought, when a friend of mine's little one wouldn't eat, I suggested trying a more indirect approach.

Instead of feeding her, I suggested both Mom and Dad sit at the table next to her and (whatever it is you wish for her to eat) make a bowl for each of you.

Then simply eat it and show that you are having a wonderful time eating it. Make sure she sees you prepare it and put all the ingrediaents together. Don't say anything directly to her. Mom and Dad just talk to each other about the making of the food and when you're eating it.

They want to imitate Mom and Dad, so try using their imitative capacity as a way to urge them to eat. But let her express interest, don't try and push it into her.

If she expresses interest while watching you, just give her a little taste. Then go back to enjoying your food. If she expresses more interest, give her another taste and so on.

It worked over time with any of my friends kids I worked with and my own daughter.

becky's mum said...

Anne was like that also. She accepted solid when she was 9 months old.. so, should be ok.

Phantasma said...

I also have the same problem as you! My 8 months old doesn't like porridge at all. I stopped feeding him porridge now but gave him other source of carbs such as bread/mixed cereal for babies and other fruits.

Other than that, I blended chicken and veges for him(without the porridge) he started to eat again after 1 week of introducing him porridge with pure rejection.

Don't give up! I'm going to try and give him porridge again and see how his taste buds have changed or not.

Well, good luck to you!! :)

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