Happy Birthday, Papa Sze!

It is Papa Sze's 31st birthday today. We bought a chocolate amer from Bakerzine and had a small party for our self. The happiest person is Naomi. She just love birthday. She could sing the whole Birthday song and she kissed her daddy and wished him "happy birthday" this morning after I told her it's daddy's birthday today. She blew the candles with her daddy and cut the cake together. I know, I was left out, but no worry, mine will be next week! And we will have another cake just to cheer Naomi up! :P

And evening, Papa Sze and I are blessed to have my mum to help us with Naomi for few hours, so we could go out for a romantic dinner at Vincenzo One Bangsar. The food was ok... not impressive but the ambience was nice, it was casual and cozy, very nice for a relaxing night.

Hapy birthday, honey!

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misha's mum said...

waaahh .. nice nice photos .. naomi so cute .. mummy sooo pretty and daddy .. ahem ahem soo handsome :)

happy belated birthday!!!

huisia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your honey. :)

yeah, ditto with SC, papa Sze is handsome guy and mommy is pretty too.

chanelwong said...

Happy Blessed Belated Birthday to your hubby !!!!!

Mummy to Little Miss Sunshine said...

Happy belated Bday to ur hubby ah. Wah seh…ur hub so young eh…mine lao ah pek liao..wahahahhaha

niger1437 said...


Mommy to Chumsy said...

ooo..i'm late! Happy Belated Birthday to papa Sze. wow, both of you are a very good-looking couple ;)

Vivianz said...

niger, my daughter is only 19months... 4 years old, I wish!

Vivianz said...

thanks everyone for the wishes! :)

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