Leah @ 6 weeks old...

Leah is 6 weeks old, still not a deep sleeper at night. In fact, a night owl. She just refuse to fall asleep, not by nursing, rocking, patting on the back, nothing! Normally she will make lots of fuss from 12am to about 4am until all of us are really really tired, then only she will sleep soundly. This is going on for 6 weeks... tired.

Other than sleeping problem, she is still an angel. She loves to be carried (I am sure all babies do), and smiles a lot too.

She is born on a smaller size, 2.82kg, and at 6 weeks, she's 4.58kg, definitely catching up!

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Q.Juan said...

so cute little Leah.
she will adjust her sleeping time slowly.

Yaggya said...

I had a tough time too when my daughter (now about to be 3 years) was born. She wudnt sleep in the night for the first 4 months. Expecting one more now and hoping this one would give us some rest in the nights. :)

huisia said...

0.02kg heavier than Jem :)

June said...

Oh so fast she can lift her head high on tummy position.

Anonymous said...

hi naomi
shell here..hope u still remember me..congra!

MieVee @ said...

Hi Vivianz, just stumbled upon your blog.
Leah's got a strong neck!
She'll figure out her nights and days soon.
My boy used to fuss from 2-6am in the early months and I just had to take long morning naps with him to make up for the lousy nights.

All the best in the year ahead! :)

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