Xmas Xmas Xmas....

It's the happiest month of the year! DECEMBER! It means Christmas is near and presents presents presents. Well, it's not as excited anymore because nowadays I have to buy lots of presents instead of receiving lots of presents. However, I still love Christmas atmosphere. So peaceful.

I brought Naomi to a few malls to see the Christmas decoration and of course, to meet Santa. So far we have seen Sunway Pyramid, Pavilion, Ikano, The Curve.

The Santa from Pavilion looks a lot like those from the hallmark card. hehehe. more real. And Naomi actually told "Santa" her wish for Christmas Presents... faint, and I have to start looking for them now. Barbie and room sets and Dora talking kitchen (this one die liao, have to order from US). Sigh... everything for my girls now.

Let me upload some pictures from Pavilion.

At Pavilion, you need to pay RM10 in order to take picture with Santa, but the RM10 will go into Charity, and you get a free 4R picture. :)

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Rayne said...

thanks for sharing... i too wanna bring my gals for photo shooting at Pavilion with santa claus... =)

mommy to chumsy said... have updated your blog. i haven't been visiting for so long. Leah is such a cutie :) We haven't been to the mall yet as Ashley has just recovered from a bad fever, cough and cold. Can't wait to check out Pavillion. Naomi is such a big girl already and she looks so pretty :)

MK mummy said...

dora talking kitchen.. hmm.. shld be cute... hope you had a great Christmas. And a happy new year to you and your family.

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