1st day in Bangkok....

Ok, I am finally here in Bangkok, with hubby and Naomi. One HAPPY family.

Our flight journey was surprisingly, not too hard. Naomi was sleeping 5 mins before departure at the boarding area and I was so happy thinking that it would be easy if she's sleeping.... Happily I board the aircraft with Naomi in baby carrier, waiting for the flight to depart. After 5 mins of taxi(aeroplane move slowly to the runway), the captained announced that they are having some technical problem because the aircraft ran out of runway and we all have to wait for the technician or engineer to settle the problem..., WHAT? And that's not important, the speaker was too loud that woke Naomi up! And she started crying, screaming, and then we were ready to fly now. Great! I have to, stuff a water bottle and finally soothed her down.

Thank god that the air craft was pretty empty and we got a whole row to occupied. Papa Sze and I took turn to have our lunch in the aircraft and hey, we actually got privilege to "eat first" :P.

Thank god, Naomi dozed off on my laps and she actually slept till the air craft landed and got out to the immigration. And thanks to Naomi, we didn't have to queue up on the "foreign passport" lanes, instead, we went through the Diplomat lane. Good to travel with a baby eh?

And finally, we reached the hotel.... oooh... it was a short journey but interesting for Naomi and us! At least, Naomi was a pretty good girl the whole journey!

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The New Parent said...

Hey--nice to you arrived safely.

It is amazing, when you plan for the flight and then it's soooo much longer then predicted.

One of our last flights, was predicted to be only about an hour and a half. Then, like you, we were stalled on the runway for over almost two hours! Well, children do start to get antsy (as do we) when it takes sooo long.

How is she now?

Vivianz said...

Thanks Frank, she is good, better than I expected. :)

Miss Bangkok Hotels said...

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