Great Grandma's Birthday....

We just came back from north, from my grandma, Naomi's great grandma's 80th birthday. It's pity that Papa Sze couldn't be able to join us because of work. Papa Sze's job is just too busy. I think we had only celebrated my birthday once in this 5 years.... So sad.

Anyway, Naomi was absolutely a darling on the birthday party. She wasn't fussy, wasn't in bad mood, and didn't even cry a bit. The best part was, she smiled at everyone who talked to her including strangers. My my, that was BIG, she never did that before. She is one good potential politician, huh?

Grandma looked really happy because we went all the way back to northern part to celebrate her birthday, my sis and family too came all the way from Singapore. I could tell she's really touched. What more could we do to make a 80 year-old happy? A phone call or a short visit to show care and love and remembrance of her, I guess that would really brighten up her days already!

We too get to see Magdelina in person for the first time and Gong gong(grandpa) got the chance to have all his 4 granddaughters together in a picture! :)

(from left to right) Naomi, Trinity, GongGong(grandpa), Magdelina and Angelina.

3 Muaks:

The New Parent said...

Hi--so very sweeet.

It sure sounds like Naomi did her share to help out.
80? Whew ... happy, happy B-day to her!

sss1979 aka Nicole said...

wow... so good gal!

mott said...

Gong-gong must have been thrilled!!!

Glad u took the effort in visiting ur granma.... it might have been quite an effort for you to travel with a baby..but it's worthed it!!!

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