Black out...

Last night, we experienced our first ever black out at our area. Naomi was fast asleep. I was so worry that Naomi would wake up from her sweet slumber so I quickly rushed into the room and fan my princess. It was a one hour black out, my arms, were so tired when the electric currant came back.

And as I was fanning my lil princess, I remembered my papa used to do the same to us whenever there was black out back at my little hometown. We would lay down on the floor and my dad would fan 3 of us, me, my brother and my sister at the same time. Sometimes the electric didn't come back for the whole night and he would fan us the whole night, of course rests in between... OOhh, that must be real tiring but papa never complained a single word.

I was dad's lil princess back then. I didn't have to take off prawn shell or crab shell, my dad would do everything and place them nicely on the plate for me to eat. Dad would leave drumstick for me and my sis, wings for mum, chicken breast for brother, he always take the bone part... His love for us is infinite...

Dad's liver was swollen and in terrible pain 3 years ago and we were so scared of losing him at that time. I just realised our life would be so different without dad... And with God's blessing, dad was alright. I cannot imagine our life with no daddy around.

Papa, I love you so very much that no words could describe.

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mott said... u know..very hardwork all this fanning fanning biz..

I hate blackouts too.

Your dad is a superman for fanning so long.. I fanned my kids for three hours and I'm already threatening to smack them, if they don't go back to sleep...kakakakaakakka

Anonymous said...

hi.. I love my dad too. Hope he live long... as long my sis dont make him angry la.. worry get high pressure back.

Anonymous said...

this is good tag for u.

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