Tag again - Layer by layer about Naomi

Nicole, this is a bit too much right? What would the layer by layer about Naomi? I will do it anyway since I rejected the previous one. Hehe....

Ok, Naomi says,

On the Outside
My Name: Naomi Ng Xuen Rou
Date of birth: 14th November 2006
Current status: Flipping over is an easy task, but lazy-lar
Eye color: Black-kua?
Hair color: Black
Righty or Lefty: That's yet to find out.... I am still using both my hand to grab things
Zodiac: Scorpion... I am poisonous

On the Inside
Heritage: Hokkien plus Hakka
Fear: Being left alone, wet nappies...
Weakness: No patient, just like mummy...
Your perfect pizza: Pizza? Sounds delicious though....

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: "I must wake mummy as well..."
Your bedtime: 8pm to 8am
Your most missed memory: Must be in mummy's tummy...

Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Mummy said no soft drink till 3 years old
McDees or Burger King: Mummy also said no fast food till 2 years old
Single or Group Dates: Ar... single I guess.
Adidas or Nike: Neither, because mummy will get me Roxy, she likes that
Lipton Tea or Nestea: ????
Chocolate or Vanilla: I can't wait to grow up to taste all these....
Cappucino or coffee: ????

Do you…
Smoke: Mummy said that's bad for health... so I guess I will not
Curse: Er, this one not sure, not at the moment but might pick up from mummy's driving style or daddy's bad temper

In the past month
Drank alcohol: I probably tasted some from mummy's nan-nan(milk), she had DOM
Gone to the mall: Love it, all the time...
Been on stage: Not yet lar...
Eaten sushi: sushi....stop asking me about food!
Dyed your hair: this is even more ridiculous.

Have you ever…
Played a stripping game: Mummy loves playing it with me... I, being stripped all the time, and I love it too...
Changed who you were to fit in: Do I have to? Why?

Age you’re hoping to be married: Definitely not in 20 years time

In a guy/girl
Best eye color: Not blue
Hair color: Not blonde
Short or long hair: If you don't mind me pulling and putting into my mouth, long hair preffered

What were you doing?
1 minute ago: flipping over to reach toys...
1 hour ago: sleeping on mummy's bed
4 1/2 hours ago: In Immigration office waiting for my passport to be done.
1 month ago: Trying to flip over
1 year ago: Sleeping comfortably in mummy's tummy

Finish the sentence
I love: mummy's nan-nan
I feel: loved
I hate: to take nap
I hide: nothing
I miss: daddy, grandpa, aunty Nic, Trinny jie jie, Uncle Ray, Aunty Yee Nan, Angelina, Magdelina who stay far far away from me....
I need: more rest


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