My baby's a model....

Trinity and gong-gong here for Easter Holiday. And Papa Sze is working from home this few weeks. Since Trinity is a bit of a disturbance to papa Sze, I have to take all of them out. Yesterday we were in 1Utama Art Attack, today we went to Borders book store in The Curve. I actually enjoyed it very much, shopping is my favourite pass time, including window shopping.
I put Naomi into the Bumbo Seat for a try, hey, she seems to like it for the first 10 mins. But after that, she started to cry to be cuddled. I wanted to get that for her if she liked it, I continued letting her sitting in there and offered her some toys but she still cried. So I don't think she will be sitting in there for too long. Saved my RM199.90 then.

After that there were 2 ladies from one of the baby shop asked for my permission to take Naomi's picture to put on their brochure. Naomi was sitting in her stroller with her legs on the bar in front like a "big boss". They thought she's cute like that. Ar... my baby's a model... :P

Naomi in the Bumbo Seat.

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becky's mum said...

Yeah... No need by that Bumbo chair lah!! I wasted RM179.90. Anne only sit on it for a few time nia... Until today, Loong still always tease me about this!!

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