Vaccination, again....

Naomi went for her PCV(pneumococol) and rotavirus vaccine yesterday. As usual, the nurse will take her weight and to our shock she is already 8.1kg, at 4 months and 3 weeks! And 69cm in length, pretty big and long. It's not easy to carry her around anymore, the arms will feel the weight after 30 minutes carrying her.

Once Naomi saw the doctor, she straight away cried. I think she remembered this bad man used to poke her with needle! But she took it very well, didn't cry much after the jab. Mummy as usual stand far far away and poh-poh will take care of the rest.

"Bad Mummy, do my face....."

4 Muaks:

mott said...

wow! Noami is a big grrrl!!! GOOD JOB! Keep it up!

1st year got too many jobs, for any baby's liking. Luckily they get thru it fast!

rachealliang said...

wow... Naomi so chubby yoh.. pok pok ..ekkk a while then okay liao..this jab not really pain... not a problem. this jab will not cause any fever ...and dont worry also.. Eugene just jab last week.

God's Little Angle said...

Hey Viv,

She is soo cute. I love her chubby cheeks.

Anonymous said...

haa.haha.. so cute.. she allowed u do her face. ok la.. Sean no la.. big boy lor.

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