Naomi's nap time...

You know, before I delivered my baby, everyone has been warning me about tough, sleepless nights. No one mentioned to me about day naps are causing just as much grief!

To my surprise putting Naomi to sleep at night was a lot easier than making her sleeping in the day. Naomi seldom sleep long, and hard to be settled to take her nap. I read from the books, magazines and articles that baby at this age would need 15 to 16 hours of sleep a day, and about 4 to 5 hours in the day and 11 hours at night... Luckily Naomi normally take about 12 to 13 hours of sleep at night.

Everyday I have to think of new tricks to make her sleep. Today, what work was making funny face before putting her down to sleep. Yesterday was sing songs as loud as I could... sigh, what's tomorrow?

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sss1979 aka Nicole said...

same here.. new tricks every time. So u must got alot brain juice hehe...

The New Parent said...

I have friends who would take their child out, put her in the car and drive around until she fell asleep. They would did that every day!
I'm not an adherent of extreme measures to have a child sleep.
I found it helpful to gently hold my daughter in my arms at a time when I knew she was tired, then after a few minutes I would place her in the crib.
Now, I laid my child face down because when she was face up she would look around the room and not fall asleep. There's controversy about which way a child is laid down.
Then, I would rub her back until she fell asleep. If she squirmed too much, I would simply hold her gently in place and say sleep now.
After a week, she would go down easily.
But, I also found that the word parent means "no sleep" (smile).

mott said...


This mummy just put lil bub in the cot, say, "sleep sleep". shuts door....and tra la la la...gets a me-time.

Ah...sleep training is very painful at first..but I'm awfully glad I did it.

Rachealliang said...

for me, eugene sleep (nap) at the fix time.

9:30am wake up in the morning

12:30pm ~nap

1:30pm ~ wake up

5:30pm ~ nap

6:30pm ~ wake up

11pm ~ sleep

the next morning

9:30am ~ wake up..

u see.. he sleep and nap in a fix time liao..

what is the trick?? nope..

i didnt use sarong leh.. just sleep with him on my bed.. he roll and roll and smell me.. and i talk to him, sing to him, or we listen our fav songs together.. then he..zzzZZZzz

night time a bit difficult to sleep .. so i got to cuddle him using my baby sling (he is now 17.3kg at 13 mth's.) my arms almost want to potong now...

for your naomi.. i can see her sleeping hours is absolutely perfect and no problem leh..

Anonymous said...

Hello sis.. sometimes really seems unbelievable that you become mum.. muahahaha..
Aiyo.. Naomi so cute lu... Already 4 months lo.. so fast.. and u become skinny alr.. bz of taking care your baby for nap ah?? Good exercise... How r u there? Sorry for long time never go to visit you as I am quite bz recently. See.. I received your sms that I directly visit your blog lo.. hehehe.. not bad wo.. Gambate ne...

sss1979 aka Nicole said...

tag u lor...

Misha's Treasure Trove said...

first time here .. just want to tell you that Naomi is so cute :)

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