My other half tag....

My my my, my third post of the day and both the tags are from Nicole. And-hor, after reading everyone else other half, I wonder why I married mine... :P Sorry-lar darling, other people's hubby cooks, do financial planning, IT problem solving, holiday planning etc etc, and I am doing all these-wor.... But never mind, other people's hubby doesn't love me, my darling does. :P

OK, now, let me think of the 10 why....

1. When we first started to email each other frequently, was when he was in US and I was back here in Malaysia. And after a while, we started dating when he came back here for long holiday. But he scared I got courted away by other men, so he quited his job in US and came back to be with me. Quite touching-hor. But not yet finished, then of course I was so touched and swore to God that I'll love him only-lor. After 4 months, he found another consulting job in Australia and this job is worse, travelling non-stop. He could be in 13 places in a year.

2. He let me keep all his money, muahahaha, this is one good reason to marry him, isn't it?

3. He asked me to stop working and still I get to maintain the shopping life as of during my working time. I love my hubby so much.

4. Both of us love watching movie. That's one of the must-do during our courting days. And now we have Naomi so young that we can't go to the cinema, we still enjoy watching movie at home.

5. He doesn't cook, but he will finish everything I cook, though sometimes the food may be a bit out of taste, e.g. honey chicken might taste like charcoal chicken.

6. He always make me laugh, and he is always the first to say sorry.

7. He doesn't remember all the anniversaries but I still get presents all the time.

8. He gets along so well with my family and my niece that my niece Trinity is closer to him than me and my mum always cook his favourite food not mine.

9. He is the only person that I really feel that I can trust that he will take care of me forever and will not betray me.

10. He proposed with a 1.02 carat Diamond ring, how to resist??? :P

So, finally I got the 10. Luckily no need 20, sure die of thinking.

Now now... see who I wanna 8 about their Lou-gong(husband)...

Christene ya-lar I only remember you like meme
mott - dunno if you will layan but just try my luck lor.

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Angeleyes said...

Hi Vivian! Thanks for dropping by my blog... and I think your hubby is not that bad lar! At least he left his job to be with you! :)

Anonymous said...

wah.. so touching.. hey your darling also romantic. At least got proposed to you. Mine no la.. haha..

Anonymous said...

havnt do ur tag island. give me some times yeah. oh boy.. I got another tag also.. more hard to do then yours. headache lor

dunnolar said...

point no.2 says it all che, can i marry chefu as well?

dunnolar said...

point no.2 says it all che. can i marry chefu as well? :P

mott said...


10 ah....*sweats*......

*still sweating*

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