Naomi is pretty smart, she always know how to manipulate her mummy to get what she wants. Like, she wants to suckle on my boobs to sleep, she wants to be cuddle all the time, etc. And if I didn't give in, she will scream very loud, and she knows I cannot stand her screaming. The Ferber method of let baby "cry it out" is definitely not working for me. People around me have been telling me that I have to discipline my child, I should let her cry for a while and don't cuddle her too much.... But, I can't do it, I am a mother, and that's my baby, I don't have the heart to ignore her cry and her needs. Frankly, I don't think any mother should.

Talk about "discipline", which comes from Latin "to teach". So, it should be teaching the baby, and baby learns, not ignoring the baby and let her cry till she has no more strength.

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Anonymous said...

so true la.. Sean also manipulate me.. until I give in. hmm... they getting smart each days.

The New Parent said...

Hi Viv--I didn't let my daughter cry to exhaustion when she needed us. Crying is one of the only ways they know how to communicate when so young. I think there has to be a balance between their demands and how quickly we respond. If she is crying becuase she truly needs something, why wouldn't you let her have it?
But, if she is learning to scream simply to push you because she wants something and it's not time, well, you may want to tell her not now, in a little while.
Yes, it should be teaching the baby.

Rachealliang said...

same same.. me too..

cannot stand our baby to cry..

it so cruel to let our babies cry alone u know..

how cruel those parents can do that to their's little precious one..rrrrr

it's allright for naomi to behave like that.. she is absolutely allright!!! she deserve to cry and scream!!!

if she dont scream and cry.. u will be worry then...

smile viv...

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