Poor poor Naomi....

Today we went to take her injection of Polio + DTP +Hib vaccines. I was so worry that Naomi would cry out so loud like last time, but surprisingly, she was very good. My mum was holding her hands while the doctor cruelly poke the needle into Naomi's thigh, and she only made the "ngek negk" sound for 3 seconds, then she's fine. After my mum picked her up, she could still smile at her. And I was so proud of her. Where was I? Oh, I was somewhere far far away from the bed, I just couldn't take it, heartache-mah.

Naomi is 7.4kg and 66cm in length. Pretty big baby, but she is not overweight, just on the right dot. :)

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The New Parent said...

Hi Vivianz--

When my 3 1/2 year old daughter got her first shots, she wailed and wailed. It was heart breaking. Such big tears. All you want to do is hug them and let them know they are safe!

Vivianz said...

My mum did a good job holding her hands I guess... :)

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